20 Dec 2016

“So, what do you want to do now?” I asked my ardent admirers.

I asked them as I stretched out my arms open wide. Our party had died down pretty quickly, now it was 3am, and since we had a bed to sleep and Ric had crashed out on it, The two of them and I were now the only ones left in our small lounge room. My naked pussy and ass were on full display, giving them a good look at my obvious sexy assets.

“I’ll clarify boys - which part of my body do you want to use first?” I asked with a sexy, but sweetly coy smile, turning in a 360 degree slow, butt naked spin, as I spoke.

I, like all other women my age, know that a good hostess should offer access to all her sexual assets.

Not in the "I’ll-allow-this-to-happen" kind of way, but in an enthusiastic and encouraging manner.

My friendly smile now said way more than my lack of clothing did.

“You both have the whole early morning now, to properly fuck me! By the first light, I hope you will have screwed me so hard and so often, I’ll be a cum drunk, cum splattered, sweating, mess.”

I didn’t only encourage them to use me, I was really looking forward to being well and truely used. My excited nipples protruded firmly, and my pussy was now glistening and, once more, puffy with arousal. I am sure my eyes had a horny glazed look, as actually, I begged them, “Please use me, please fuck me, fuck all of me, any way you would like, fuck me to your cock's content!”

They both must’ve also been looking forward to this moment all night, and despite the casual reamings I had received, from various other men, throughout the earlier evening. Whatever these men's horny desires were, I wasn't about to let these sex-ready, proudly erect men, down.

Granting my urgent wish, one took a step forward and plunged his cock deep, jamming it straight down my open throat....