Written by mech2750

28 May 2013

Well, this was something different.

I used to have a female friend that i used to play with. She loved to fuck, and really got off on an exploding cock in her mouth. Needless to say, my cock was there often. One day, she came past my shop with a problem with her car, which i easily sorted. While working on her car, she was telling me of her new boyfriend, and how she wanted to to make it work, and was going to stay faithful to him. "Good on you, i hope it works out" Well, i had to go for a test drive, and she came with me. Immediately she started talking about giving head, watching a guy cum, and how horny she was, and all that was too much for me, so drove to a local dogging area, and we parked the car. while she did not want to cheat on the new BF, she wanted to watch me cum, so i said if i could watch her cum. So that was it, seats cranked back, pants around our ankles, while i watched her gently rub and massage her clit, slipping a finger in, while i slowly stroked. Then i noticed we were not alone.. A guy had walked up to my window, and was obviously enjoying the show. I could tell because he was stroking his exposed cock. This was all getting very heated, when the stranger opened up my door, and proceeded to suck me. I just laid back, watching this lady fingering herself in a frenzy, moaning, with the hips pumping against her hand motion, while this guy was doing an excellent job on me. I mentioned i was about to cum, and the guy went down on me on a mission to get it all in the throat, which he did. My moans of pleasure was more than enough to put my lady friend over the edge with an enormous orgasm. Then the stranger turned, and came all over the ground, which lady friend watched, which forced her fingers to go straight back to work on her now drenched pussy. Stranger then flicked off the remainder of his cum, smiled and said thanks, turned and walked away. I watch Ladyfriend bring herself to another spasm riding orgasm. Then we headed back to the shop.. She said that was the most erotic thing she has ever seen, a guy sucking off another guy. She said she enjoyed the show, and she thinks the stranger did, but i think i did the most.