Written by ozmature

18 Jul 2014

Hi All,

I have often read these stories with a mixture of incredulity and disappointment.

Incredulity, wondering how you can meet someone and in a very short timeline (according to some of the stories) be back in someone’s house, hotel room or office going-at-it like rabbits? And disappointment, in the fact that it never happens to me. That was until recently.

The flowing is true, (because I was there.)

I always like to dress neat- even going to the shops. Nice pants, shirt, shoes, mouthwash and a bit of splash. Recently I was in my local supermarket looking at the deli section- when coming in to the shop, I saw a mature-aged woman. She was neither overly- attractive, nor traffic-stopping ugly. She was just a “normal” everyday woman at the shops. However, we both caught each-others eye, with that look that’s just that bit longer than the normal look you give to a million different people each day.

Attached to her look was a big smile that also lingered. The sort of smile that gives you the lump in the throat just after the person leaves. I’m no body language expert- but even a bloke as dump as me could sense that there was “something” here.

As she moved away I exchanged a “hello and how are you?” “Wonderful” she said. As I rounded the next isle – there she was again-in the pet food section looking at cat food. I know nothing about cats. But that didn’t deter me in attempting to come across as an expert on the subject (it’s a male thing). In the few moments we chatted- I had no idea what I was talking about- even now I can’t remember. All I was hoping was that each word hug together in some sort of coherent order.

It seemed to be. Because she didn’t run off screaming. The next thing I knew I had blurted out, “would you like to go for a coffee?” Right then, I had visions of her screaming for the store manager- and me running down the street from the evening news cameras.’ “When?” she asked- I said “how about now?” She looked- smiled and said “ok.”

We left the shop and headed to the small café at the end of the mall. We chatted about our lives she had been a widow for a long time and I told her about my domestic situation. It was then I found out that she was over sixty- but she looked ten-years younger- with nice brown eyes- soft wet “cow-eyes” and a pleasant figure and disposition.

After sometime, she moved to go and said that she had to “catch the bus.” I said I’d give her a lift- to which she accepted. I don’t remember the drive, I hardly remember getting out of the car at her place. All of that is and was then a panicked-blur. The next thing I remember was sitting in her kitchen while she made the tea.

I excused myself as I need the bathroom. Whether it was a mixture of seeing myself in the bathroom mirror, or the cold air in there-it hit me. What am I doing I thought?

I’m in the bathroom of a plus-sixty year old woman’s house – who by this stage I have known for the sum-total of just over an hour. She is in the kitchen making me tea- I got to get out of here.

I’ll go back to the kitchen, drink the tea (quickly) and politely make my exit and that will be that. Or so I thought.

I don’t want to bore anyone- if you’d like to hear the rest please let me know.