28 Mar 2016

So....my fuck buddy and I agreed to meet. She is a mature woman, highly sexed, petite, enhanced large breasts and just loves dressing to please. Me? well, a typical guy, average body and decent sized cock....oh....and a filthy mind and line of talk :)

NSW South coast town......mid afternoon, hot day, daylight.....text "I'm Here"

"Its a hot day...lets meet at the beach first"

"What beach?"

"7 Mile Beach......its big enough to accommodate us plus all the other pervs".

That afternoon....at about 3.20pm.....I stroll down the beach, looking out for her, plus watching who else was on the beach. A young couple of possibly Scandinavian girls, interested ONLY in themselves, plus the usual meercats.

I spotted her.......strolled over to the dune end....she was dressed in a very sexy yellow bikini, with a towel and wrap and her bag. I made the detour and went towards her, as I did I could feel my cock hardening, we had planned this, we had wanted this, both her husband and I knew this was going to happen.


"Thank god, those guys were making me very nervous!"

"Fair enough, they have gone now......kiss me"

And so we kissed......we touched each other in only the way we know that turns us both on. Her pussy opening to my fingers as I explored her, knowing she would be soaking wet at the thought of being seeing fucking publicly.

As we kissed I lowered my surf shorts, a mere inconvenience to the whole show, and I loved her eyes as my hard dick sprung out. I knew she wanted it and she knew that I loved her worshiping my big dick. As she sucked and licked my big dick I looked around the beach...no one.....slightly disappointed.....I wanted an audience, a choice for her. I then went in, fucked her nice and deep , kissing her as I pounded her, letting her know that it was her pussy and her soul that I wanted. Her wet pussy felt sooooo god, so then we swapped, let he ride me....then people started to walk by...a man with a dog, a young couple...whoever it was, every time they walked past I lifted up her beach wrap to show my cock buried deep in her pussy.

It was so damn naughty.....we carried on fucking and then we both realized she wanted...no....needed it......in her sexy tight married arse! Sand is never good for that! So we left the beach, with the usual guys following in their cars, and met up in the local hotel. That damn sexy married wife....she does love a good arse fuck!!! As some families were playing outside in the pool.....she was bent over, spoon style, taking my big dick in her arse and loving it. No....needing it. She is my sexy married slut and she is the best fuck I know.