Written by Beachfire

6 Jan 2018

I met a fireman online once and he and i clicked so he asked to meet me one evening who am i to refuse a man in uniform nothing sexier i must say... so this one evening we met a local park close to both our places he texted me before arriving saying once the sit in the back of your car and remove all your clothing and start playing with yourself ... i was excited but nervous at the same time so i did as i was asked being the good submissive girl i am he texted me again saying he was watching me from his car parked oposite me this turned me on made me more wet i could feel my heart racing my breathing more intense windows were starting to fog up the next thing he open my door and climbed into the back seat with me with his eyes fixated on my body and my fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy he starts rubbing his cock and unzipped his pants i smiled and leaned over and started sucking his cock he was pulling on my hair with each motion i could hear him grunting with pleasure saying that i was good at doing this he pulled my mouth off his cock and pushed me back so he could lean down to lick my pussy i could feel my juices flowing with every penatration of his finger while licking my clit i was moaning with excitement he then slide his hard cock in my pussy slamming it hard n fast ... he whispers in my ear what do u want me to do now i grinned at him and said i want you to fuck my arse he smiled with excitement as he always said he wanted to try anal with a woman he slide his cock out from my pussy and into my arse as this happened i SQUIRTED cum all over him and the car seat while screaming with delight .

Was the best experice ever as he never been with a squirter ?