Written by tomb63

29 Dec 2014

He was very tired and fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow....hmmm...what to do about that! I noticed he was lying on his back and snoring lightly, expelling little puffs of air. Why waste that I thought. Without waking him I straddled his head and felt the air hit my cunt. This made me wet and I got a little closer to his mouth. After a few snorts my pussy hairs made him stir. He opened his eyes and got the message. He began to lick my clit and pump his finger in and out of my cunt at the same time. After I had cum loudly he lifted me and impaled me on his now rigid cock. I wrapped my pussy lips around his shaft and began to move up and down. He grabbed the bedhead so I knew he was enjoying this. I began to make circular motions with my hips and he made me stop as it was almost too much for him. I leaned over and offered him my breast which he took into his mouth immediately. I continued to pump him and inserted a finger into his anus. This caused him to bite my nipple, making me cry out and sending him over the edge. I rode him harder until I peaked as well and I collapsed against him, both of us well satisfied