Written by D

11 Oct 2012

I got to meet Belinda through my wife. They work together in a large company and they would catch up for coffee from time to time. She's divorced with three kids. Belinda has a pretty face and you would classify her as a real Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). Well we found out that we were both doing external studies at university and on one occasion when she was over having coffee with my wife we go on the subject and then before you knew it we agreed to catch upto study together. I was a year ahead of her but we were doing the same unit this particular semester. Anyway, belinda says, "let's catch up on Thursday, the kids are at their dad's place and we can study". I did not even think there was any way it would end up the way it did.

Well Thursday came along and I was even thinking of not going over but my wife said that belinda would be expecting me so I decided to go. Despite Belinda being a big woman, she has a very pretty face and she opened the door and greeted me. She immediately offered me a cup of coffee and after about ten minutes of idle chit chat whilst making the coffee, we sat down at the kitchen table and was into reading a chapter of our text. Well we decided to talk about everything except our study and got on the subject of her divorce. Turns out that they just fell apart. She suspected that he had an affair but then she was really open and told me that she had a number of affairs but had not had a man for years. Wow, I was amazed that she was so open and I must admit, I was intrigued about her sexuality and found myself imagining her naked and being fucked by someone, even by me!

Belinda was wearing a loose black blouse and black pants and high heels. She looked smart and very business like. She got up from the kitchen table and said "let's sit on the lounge and finish our coffees". We got to the lounge and found ourselves almost falling onto each other on the lounge . . . . . quite embarrassed. Well I tried a corny line and said "well if you want my two cents worth, I wouldn't say no to you" . . . . awkward silence. She placed her mug on the coffee table and as she lent back, I grabbed her by the shoulders and planted a kiss on her lips. She didn't not fight it and responded immediately. I clumsily started to lift her blouse over her head and she had to help me. I could see that Belinda had enormous tits under her bra, the biggest I have ever seen. She took her bra off to reveal the most lushess tits on earth. She helped me with my shirt and I stood up so she could help me undress. She too slipped her pants off followed by her undies. I found myself both aroused by Belinda large proportions as well as her womanly figure. I was expecting that she would start by giving me a blow job but she immediately turned around facing away from me, got on her knees on the lounge with her hands grabbing the back of the lounge and I didn't need a further invitation.. I was rock hard and ready to go. Well I grabbed her by the hips and my cock just slipped in and she let out this loud groan / moan. Well I was so turned on by this and she just started to say loudly "just fuck me, just fuck me". I just went to town and banged her like I have never banged anyone before? Belinda really knew what she wanted and within a matter of about two minutes (yes only two) I blew my load, tensing up with each spurt.

Belinda didn't waste time. She quickly turned around sitting back on the lounge to suck my cock. She was good too. I fondled her large breast as she sucked and sucked. I imagined what a good titty fuck she would be. Before long, I was hard again and this time belinda just laid back on the lounge grabbing her legs and virtually placing her ankles around her ears exposing her pussy for the world to see. Again, no time wasted I plunged my cock inside her and had a great time plunging in and out. I enjoyed watching as I would take my cock out of her pussy then just plunge back in. After awhile, I said that I'd like to eat her pussy. Ok she said, so got on my knees and started eating her large pussy. Still with her ankles around her ears, she was having a great time groaning and groaning. It took awhile but she finally came with her legs tensing up close to her. I didn't let her relax and just grabbed her legs and slowly worked my cock into her arsehole. It was easy and it was a good butt fuck - tight and just right. I again came within a few minutes. I was exhausted and sat back on the lounge. belinda looked dishelved and exhausted. She let me have a shower.

When I got out of the shower, she was in her bath robe and as I was walking out the door I gave her a kiss. She fondled my balls through my pants and would you believe it I was ready to go again. This time Belinda just sat me back on the liunge and gave me a great blow job swallowing every last drop that was left in me. Well that was about it. We have decided not to stduy anymore but I do go over some days when she has a day off and we just fuck. Turns out that Belinda had not had a man for a number of years and I have now become her fuck buddy. Belinda still comes over for coffee and I am trying to work up the courage to ask my wife for a 3some.