31 Mar 2016

My wife and I were swapping our sexual fantasies during sex last night, and I told I’d like to see her toss off multiple men and have them cum on her body. Then I would have her mount me and ride me, whilst I watch the cum dripping down her body.

I’ve shared this fantasy with her many times before but last night I showed her some internet photos and her interest was really piqued. Somehow seeing these pictures made my sexy fantasy even more real to her.

“How many men should I bring for you?” I asked, all the while continuing to finger her pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter.

“3?” she replied as she continue stroking my cock, spreading my pre-cum all over the head.

“If you want to be covered like this, I think we’ll need more than 3 men.” I showed her the prints again.

“Just jerking them off? No sex?” She cheekily asks? Her eyes were closed now, lost in the world of the intense fantasy.

“Your hands and mouth only. I said. Unless you need them to fuck you.” I tried not to push, too quickly.

I pushed all my fingers firmly into her wet pussy, fisting, stretching her wide open. She moaned and I could tell my wife was getting turned on by the prints and the wild fantasy, her breathing had changed and she was grinding her hips down, hard onto my fist.

“I think you will need at least 6 guys, so you’ll be properly covered in thick cum.” Her grip on my cock then loosened and stopped jerking me as she drifted off into the fantasy..

“I want to see your face and tits covered in warm cum.” I whispered.

At just those words, my wife tensed up, stretched out and came, writhing, orgasming , driving my fist wrist deep..

When her orgasm finished, she climbed on top of me and buried herself down on my erect cock. She took over the sex fantasy and she started riding me, grinding slowly.

“I’m am so going to fuck you like that, covered in all that warm, sticky, thick cum" she said. There’ll be so much cum on my body, that’s all you will smell on my skin, I will be glistening.” she says to me.

I grabbed hold of her swinging breasts and teased her nipples which were as stiff as.

“Feel how slippery my nipples are? That’s cum baby, rub all that cum in!” she teased me.

Having been together for so long, my wife knows exactly how slow to ride me so that I don't get too close to coming, but just enough grinding that I’d not go soft. I grabbed her hips and tried to speed her up her sexy grinding, I needed to cum myself.

“Yes, I’m gonna take my time because I’ll be jerking and sucking on those cocks as well.” she continues.

The thought of her stroking erect cocks in both hands while sucking on more cock, was too much for me. I lunged up and exploded, my full balls load, I pumped deep up inside her.

Next morning at breakfast, my wife asked nonchalantly, “So you think we can find 8 men?”

I nearly choked on my hot coffee, I realised she was serious about making this happen....