21 Nov 2016

She hadnt orgasmed i could tell but had been close a few times i just came in a heaving rush im sure...all the times her nipples had brushed my back while i was dishing or times she'd bent at the oven her buttock cleft inviting me had been too much ...i lay along side her and just watched her get her breath back her breasts were so firm her skin so white and her teeny nipples so pink i was a little taken aback just how good her body was....i licked behind her knee and my fingers and hands massageing her toes i bit her thigh quite hard and she squealed and shot me a look and then i nibbled her labia and licked our liquids sucked each perfect engorged lip fully into my mouth and sucked she was breatjing fast now and she bucked on my mouth i needed to control her so i slipped one thumb into her entrance and the other thumb into her from underneath and just guided her up and down my mouth and face loving the wet warm gush as she pushed into me this time i was slow my glans just pushed against her clit and flicking it with my hand using that sweet white creamy flow from her she came making mewlling sounds like a cat gushing and jerking her hips