23 May 2016

I have just paid for a Swingers cruise this year. I did not think my wife would be into it but she surprised me and said she would go but with conditions. "If I don't want to do anything I won't", "Don't pester me", etc etc.

Of cause I agreed to her demands but deep down my mind was racing about all of the things we could see and possibly do. But this morning she woke up early undressed and asked me to fuck her, she wanted me to lay on top of her and so I did. I was hard by now and it just slipped in so easy as she was quite wet. She started saying that we were on one of the beds and another couple were watching us fuck and she was watching them fuck, she then had an orgasm (the quickest I have ever know from her). She then went on to say that he had cum in his wife and then moved over to to speak, he said to her I like your tits and would love to slide my cock between them. And so she allowed him, that was too much for me and I shot my load deep into her pussy, and I must say I came very hard and long. I think she may be deep down looking forward to our trip, I can only hope.

If anyone else is going on this cruise let us know.