Written by alanandanne

30 Apr 2014

I as I have previously stated I (Alan) work overseas and Nola, the wife of our friends, works away as well.

Paul came down and fucked Anne while Nola and I worked away ,different locations,.

We had arranged to meet on Nola and Paul on my return ,all four of us, but circumstances disallowed that.

Then one Saturday night Paul rang ,I (Alan) answered the phone small talk ensued then he asked if we were up for a 3some next day, I turned to a naked Anne and asked ,would you like to suck and fuck two cocks tomorrow, the huge smile told me "YES"

Next morning Paul arrived quick chat then Paul started feeling my semi hard cock through my shorts, Anne seeing that started to pash Paul as he got me hard.

We adjourned to the king size bed where all of us naked started to enjoy ourselves. I was sucking Paul Anne was pashing him. Anne suck both of our cocks together.

Paul got behind Anne and slid his thick hard cock into Anne's wet waiting pussy ,he fucked her beautifully , I pulled his hard cock out sucked Anne's pussy juice off it put it back in.

I then stuck my big shaved cock in to Anne's mouth and gently fucked her face. Paul still pounding her hot pussy me fucking her mouth.

I saw the tell tale signs on Pauls face ,moaning loudly ,I'm going to cum ,then he gave Anne a huge load of cum.

I went took his cock out sucked it clean, then I laid on the bed Anne straddled my face, her wet pussy juice and Paul's cum pouring out over my face. My face completely covered in hot cum and Anne's hot pussy juice.

I was still hard so Paul sucked my cock hard while Anne was still emptying her pussy over my face ,I gulped hungrily not wanting to lose any of the lust fluid which by now had saturated my face.

Anne laid on the bed ,my rock hard cock sticking up ,I slowly slid my cock deep in to Anne's freshly fucked pussy I drove in deep and held it there ,Paul sucking her erect hard nipples, I pulled my big cock out so Paul could suck it, he lifted my heavy balls gently squeezing them as my hard smooth cock went down his throat, Anne loves watching M/M sucking cock and she got a great show. Paul took my cock slid in to Anne's dripping pussy.

I proceeded to fuck her ,I could feel the build up my pace quickened Anne thrust her hips knowing another hot load of cum had commenced its journey, destination one wet dripping super hot pussy.

I tingled all over then shuddered as I shot my load deep in to that beautiful pussy oh boy it felt so fucking good.

Paul sucked my cum covered cock as I withdrew from that dripping pussy .

We laid on the bed playing with tits and limp dicks still oozing cum and a very very wet pussy still oozing two loads of cum.

The phone rang it was Nola at work, she asked "what are you fuckers up to?" We told her all about it ,she said she had to go but she said the vibrator will get a work out later.

We told her we had booked a double apartment in Hervey Bay for four nights she will be looked after as the week end will be all about her.

And it was wowwwwwwwwwww was it ever

..........more on that later.