26 Aug 2015

It has been a long time since our last posting. We have been to America, working hard so opportunity has eluded us .

As you know Paul and Nola have been swinging with us for 5 years, all of us bi (no anal)

I, Alan work overseas and Nola Paul's wife works away as well. That leaves Anne and Paul home alone, about 45 minute drive from each other.

So while I slave away at work overseas and Nola slaves her cute arse off interstate these two randy rooters see each other and fuck their brains out.

We love it.

Last Sunday the phone rang, it was Paul, Nola had gone back, I am due to fly out this week so we agreed we should catch even if it is just 3 of us. Nola is fine with this.

I said Anne what are you going to wear, she said the crocheted cape we got at Venice Beach. Great choice

We set off arrived at Pauls rural property, he was waiting at the gate.

We parked the car Paul gave Anne the big hug and pash as his hands found Anne's erect nipples pressing against her thin top, Anne's hand found Pauls bulge in his thin silk boxer shorts.

We went up stairs told Paul all about our trip to the USA.

Anne then picked up her bag and went to a room while Paul got some porn .

Anne came back with the crocheted cape on as well as a tiny "G" string.

Paul turned around all I heard "OH fuck Oh my fucking God"

We all sat on the couch , I had told Anne I wanted to watch for a little while, so while talking Anne was rubbing Pauls leg getting closer to the huge bulge in his shorts

He was fucking so hard, then her hands found his cock through his shorts as Anne slowly stroked his steel like cock

Soon the shorts were on the floor exposing this thick rock hard cock (wow he has missed her) Anne slowly stroked his monster hard on.

She leaned over slowly sucking his throbbing cock as the porn played I watched the porn a guy sucking a big cock while a lady watched.

Here was my baby sucking a big cock while I watched.

Anne sucked his big cock deep in to her mouth holding it to the hilt, fuck it looked so hot.

Paul leaned over and grabbed my now throbbing cock oozing precum, what with porn on Anne right beside me sucking a big cock so fucking hot.

Anne had to fuck this cock right now .Paul lay on his back Anne lowered her dripping pussy, I watch Pauls hard cock disappear deep into Anne's waiting wet pussy Paul moaned Anne went "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH" as she rode that cock right in front of me. She rode it up and down making squelching noises as pussy juice splashed I could feel it on me as she pounded that hard cock.

Paul looked over at me ,I am now naked my shaved cock rock hard, as he pounded my baby's wet pussy he wanted my cock in his mouth.

I stood up leaned over he swallowed my cock deep. His hard cock deep in Anne's pussy my cock deep down his throat.

We decided to adjourn to the bedroom King size bed.

Anne and I 69ed as Paul fucked Anne doggy, I sucked her clit as Paul fucked her, I pulled Paul's cock out of her wet pussy and sucked it then put it back.

I got my mouth so Paul's cock ran through my lips as she got fucked.

Anne got severely fucked looked and felt so good.

After a while Anne needed a rest and a drink, so Paul and I lay on the bed on our sides and sucked each other cocks Anne was riveted.

She loves to watch guys suck cock and jerk each other. She loved watching she says it is so hot

We sucked each other for quite a while so good.

We ended back on the couch naked stroking pussy and cock and sucking tits.

No cum shots but what a day

We have a night planned 20 September 4 of us together first time in a long time.

Came time to leave Anne and Paul pashed groping hard cocks and rubbing tits and pussy.

On the way home Anne and talked about our day ,I was rock hard. Anne grabbed my cock and said I will fix that when we get home.

We eventually got to bed, Anne was a little tender after he long fucking session with Paul so we 69ed I was so gentle licking and tenderly kissing her pussy lips and sucked her clit ,she covered my face in juice .She sucked my cock so beautifully as thought about Paul's cock fucking her and her sucking his cock. I blew over her face in her mouth over tits, it seemed it wasn't ending so fucking hot. We has a great "fucking" day / evening

Cant wait for 20 September I will post a pic of "the cape" so fucking hot.

Have fun