Written by Angel

3 Dec 2017

So, I turned up at Liam’s place like I normally do and get greeted at the door by a shirtless, heavily tattooed, bald man that is hot a fuck….and a huge teddy bear as well ?

We go out to the garage where his man cave is set up and we sit down to have a chat, like we normally do. As the night moves along, he has had a couple of drinks and I know that when he gets to a certain stage he starts to get horny. We are watching a movie and I turn to him and say, isn’t there anything more decent on to which he replies, I have porn in the DVD player, so of course I am all up for that. He starts to play a DVD of a group scene with 5 gorgeous BBW women all playing with each other on a couple of lounges. Well just looking at that started to get me wet….then 2 guys turned up in the film! Well this is starting to get interesting. The 7 of them start playing with each other and there were hands, tongues and mouths everywhere. I turned to Liam and looked at him with my “come fuck me” eyes that he says I have and with that he said, you want my pants, down don’t you? You see, the couple of days before I saw Liam, I had been talking to a friend and we tell each other over chat what we want to do to each other the next time we meet and we always seem to drive each other crazy while talking, so by the time I got to Liam’s, I was already fired up and ready to go, so of course when he asked me if I wanted his pants down, my obvious answer was shit yeah!!!

With that I assumed the position of moving to the edge of the chair and he got up, took off his pants and moved toward me with his now semi hard cock. I could hear the women in the DVD moaning from the constant fucking and licking that was happening to them so that got me worked up even more. I took his cock in my hand and moved forward to lick the head of it. I looked up at him and said, you want this too to which he replied, yeah, I do. I held the base of his cock and slid my mouth over the end of it taking the entire length in one go. I love the feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat and from the heavy breathing and slight moan that escapes his lips, I know he always loves that too. I start to move slowly up and down the length of his cock making sure that I caress his balls as well. I hold his foreskin down tight and lick the underneath where it joins which I know he goes crazy with, the moans from him tells me I am still not wrong. I move my hand up and down the length of his cock while my mouth moves in motion with it. I love the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth. I move down and lick his balls while still stroking his cock, then move back to take it in my mouth again. I want to taste him so much that I make sure that I am kneeling comfortably and take my hands off his cock and place them either side of him on the couch and then just put my mouth over the head of his cock and start a constant rhythm of moving up and down on his cock with no hands. Every now and again I move deeper and take his whole length which makes him jump every time. His breathing and moaning is getting more intense. I know he is getting to the stage that he will either want to cum or want to fuck me. I keep sucking him without taking my mouth of his cock. This lasts for about 5 minutes….god I love it. He puts his had on my head which I know means that he is close to wanting someone and he pushes my head down onto his cock and just leaves me there, his entire cock in my mouth, hitting my throat and me squeezing my mouth around it to make it feel tight. He let’s go and releases my mouth. I look up at him and he says, you want to fuck it, to which I didn’t even say anything but just got up off the floor and take my pants off. I turn around and while holding his cock tight I slide the condom on him. He knows I love riding him reverse cowgirl on the couch so with that I turn around and have my back to him and position myself over his cock and slide down on to it. OMG I am so wet, and he feels so damn good. He may not have a long cock, but he has the width to fill me up! I moan deeply just from the feeling of him that I start to grind down on to him hard….teasing him a little but also teasing me at the same time. I move my hips back and forth feeling his cock move in and out of me while also putting pressure on my clit. I can feel myself getting more and more wet and my pussy starts to get tighter around him. I put my hands on the arms of the chair and lean forward a little and start to bob up and down on his cock. Moving up and down feeling his cock fill me up again and again. I can feel myself getting to the stage of wanting to cum, the moaning and grunting from me is telling him that I am close. I start to grind hard on him and he places his hands on each side of me and pulls me down harder on to him. He starts to moan as well and with that I could feel the build up and I lifted myself off him and squirted all over his cock, balls and abdomen. With that he smiles and says, “fuck yeah, that’s what I want”. It’s been way too long since he felt that. With that, I know, and he knows that it just makes me want more so I slide back on to him and keep grinding and fucking his now rock-hard cock. Once again, I start to moan loudly and lift off again and squirt all over him again. The more I squirt, the more I want it and the more intense it becomes. I keep fucking him, even though I feel exhausted and need a rest, I can’t. I want more. Again, and again I squirt, saturating him and the chair and towel under him until it gets to the stage that I stop exhausted, out of breath and needing water! I lift myself off him and turn around and all I can see is him smiling and the wetness that he is sitting near. I get a drink and then kneel in front of him and take his cock in my hand and mouth and start to suck him clean. Mmmmm I can taste myself and damn it’s nice. I keep sucking and licking his cock, making it nice and clean. I move down and lick his balls and he reaches down and takes his cock in his own hand. He knows that I love to watch him jerk off….such a turn on for me. I keep playing with his balls while he strokes his cock. I then lick 2 of my fingers and reach under and start to massage his arse. I feel him move himself towards the edge of the couch more which is a sign for me to continue doing what I am doing. I put my fingers in my mouth again and make sure they are wet, then as I am licking his balls, I start to slide in my middle finger deep into his arse. His moaning changed to a deep guttural moan and his eyes closed from the feeling of my finger now resting on his prostate. I love how he reacts when I do that. I massage it lightly at first and he starts to stroke his cock faster. His breathing changes and his moaning becomes more intense. I move my mouth over the top of his cock and place my tongue on the tip of it which sends him more over the edge. My other fingers are placed on either side of his balls and massaging them lightly as he is moving. I look up at him and he smiles at me, so I know that he is loving it. I keep massaging his prostate and licking his balls and top of his cock when he says to me, “you want it?”. I look up at him and say of course. I keep fingering his arse and put my tongue on the tip of his cock making sure it’s wet for him. He moves in the seat and says here it comes. I remove my finger from his arse slowly which is all he needs to get him to cum. He says, “here is comes” and with that I put my mouth over his cock, he grunts deep and squirt after squirt of cum shoots into my mouth and down my throat until I think he won’t stop…..mmmmm I love it so much. I continue to hold my mouth over his throbbing cock until he stops cumming, then I swallow every drop that’s in my mouth. It tastes amazing! His cock is now very sensitive, but I lick and move my mouth up and down over it as softly as I can, so I lick it all clean. I look up at him and smile and he smiles back. Can’t wait for the next time!