27 May 2017

A couple of months ago it was a warm day in Adelaide so I headed to a local beach for a spot of fishing. The fishing as usual was poor, not a single bite. Didn't bother me as it was beautiful day. The sun had just gone down and light was fading fast. The bonus with this beach is that occasionally there are couples out dogging. There are always guys around but I am not gay.

Walking back from the beach along the path is the look out. There are bushes between the lookout and the path and I was trying to see if any one was at the look out. It looked like there was. More importantly there seemed to be a couple of people up there. Probably a couple of guys but possibly a couple.

Yes, a couple. A young couple. I diverted from the path up to the look out. Said "Hello" and made some small talk. The guy was mid thirties, overweight and generally poorly presented. His girlfriend was early twenties, petite, very pretty. Very much a mismatch. She was wearing a very short black skirt and a tight blue singlet. The guy stood behind the girl pulled up her top revealing a perfect pair of A cup breasts. She was not too keen but didn't resist. I was sitting on a bench. The guy asked if I would like to feel. "Sure, if your girlfriend doesn't mind". She came up to me and I gently caressed her tits. Softly tweaking her nipples. She started rubbing my cock from outside my shorts.

to be continued