28 May 2017

The story continues. Well it isn't a story, it all happened. I am just a guy in my 40's, relatively fit that tries to take care of himself. Lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

So I was sitting on the bench and the girl started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I pull my shorts down and she starts stroking my cock, and no it isn't 9 inches, just a standard cock. Her boyfriend asks if she wants to suck it. She doesn't hesitate and starts sucking away. Must say she was good at it and she definitely seemed to be getting off too.

Her boyfriend sits on the bench and she then starts playing with both our cocks, one in each hand. I was loving it. Any women with a friendly demeanor would have been great but the fact she had a smoking hot body just enhanced the experience. Her boyfriend then takes her from behind as she is leaning into me. Again I am playing with and sucking her tits.

He is having trouble maintaining his erection it seems so pulls out. She goes back to sucking me. I slide my hand between her butt cheeks and gently play with her clitoris. Did I mention she wasn't wearing underwear, they came prepared. I am then slowly sliding my finger into her tight pussy. I feel she is wanting me to cum but I don't cum from blow jobs. I start playing with my self while she kneels beside me. After around 30 seconds off vigorous stroking I let her know I am about to cum. She starts sucking me again and swallows my cum.

I am blown away by the experience. The guy then starts screwing her from behind as I play with her tits, taking in the experience. They hear someone walking up and quickly dress. A guy comes up and starts making small talk with the couple, no doubt hoping to get lucky. The new guy encourages the couple to start up again but the boyfriend says he could be a cop and acts like a bit of a dickhead. Why the girl was with him, who knows. May have been as I gave him a beer from my esky when we first met that he was fine with me.

Had some luck at the same lookout a couple of years earlier but nothing like that night just described. Any dogging couples out there or even ladies give me a shout out if I can ever be of assistance.