Written by pandaeyes_hubby

2 Sep 2011

I had taken Panda to an adult bookstore that had a basement, which was converted into an adult lounge / picture theatre. It had a stairway that descended into the darkness. A dimly lit lounge area was the first room. It was in this room that we had played earlier in the day. After a very orgasmic hour or so, we had taken a break for a cigarette, coffee and burger

We left the golden arches and made our way back across the road to the adult bookstore. Panda was still a little wobbly on her feet; she took my arm as we passed through the first rows of magazines and DVD’s. The guy behind the counter gave us a knowing look as I flashed our day pass and we made our way to the door at the rear of the store. Buzzzzz, the door opened and we made our way through, to the descending staircase. I led the way downward.

Because of the heels on her CFM boots and wobbly legs, Panda was a little slower descending. This gave me the chance to pause at the bottom of the staircase; I turned and looked upward toward the women I loved. It was indeed a sight to behold. At this angle her short skirt barely hid anything at all. The gap between her legs was momentarily framed by the flare of the light at the top of the stairs.

I could clearly see her labia protruding; they looked swollen, moist and inviting. As she descended, I let my eyes wander upward to her chest, Her nipples poked harshly against the stretchy material of her white boob tube. Even in this light I could make out the darkness of her areola and the swell of her breast.

My gaze moved up to her face. She smiled at me. Her eyes were dark and smouldering, (panda eyes). There was a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. In hindsight, I too was dripping sweat from under my arms, not as much from the temperature, but from the anticipation of what was about too, or could happen.

As Panda reached the bottom of the stairs she came to my arms, drawing me in for a hug. Looking up into my eyes, with those big brown panda eyes, her face suddenly took on a serious look. “Are you sure about this”, she asked. “You wont get jealous if they go further then earlier on?”

I assured her that no, I wasn’t and would not get jealous, because I knew that this was just fucking for pleasure, and that at the end of the day, I knew that she, my wife would still be coming home with me. I guess that this is the key to my non-jealous streak.

Funny how I can think of her screwing somebody else, (either with me watching or not), and still be turned on. I can watch her flirt with somebody that is trying to get into her pants and not worry. She has even she told me that somebody was trying to steal her away from me, but other then thinking that this person didn’t have a chance, I still would not have thought too much.

On the flip side of the coin, had she told me that she had formed an emotional bond with somebody, or was leaving me, well…. then I would have been shattered, both jealous and very hurt by the realization that she was no longer mine. We entered the lounge and I gave her the glasses. She put her trust in me, and slipped them on just before we passed through the curtain that led into the theatre area.

I had first used the glasses when a friend of mine, (and another that she had not yet met), fucked her. While she was sleeping, I had tied her to the bed and put the glasses on her before she woke. Even though we had played with our friend the night before, I figured that if she could not see who it was that was fucking her, then (Emotionally) I was safe.

Little did I know how much of a turn on it was for her as well. The added taboo of not knowing/ seeing was in itself was a huge turn on for Panda. She said later that the surprise of feeling hands touch her somewhere, where and when she didn’t expect to be touched, sent an electric shock through her body that had lifted her pleasure tenfold.

I had used an old pair of wrap around sunglasses, and coloured them in with a permanent marker pen. The effect was perfect. When I tried them on for myself, I could not see anything, even in daylight, and we were now in a darkened room.

The flair from the ultra violet light was the only thing that really reflected off any white or light clothing. It gave a ghostly effect that she would not be able to see. The only other light in this room was from the movie that was playing on the screen.

As we entered, (to the orgasmic moans of the women on screen, being fucked by a Negro, with a cock that looked to be at least a ten inches long), I could see the black light reflected in the eyes of those scattered around the theatre room, as they turned to look our direction. Mentally, I counted pairs of eyes, nine, ten, eleven. The fun was about to begin

My first action was to pull Panda’s boob tube down and fold it onto her stomach. She still had her open coat on, but to anyone that looked from the front, she was naked underneath. I then rolled up the waistband of her skirt, thereby making it about four to five inches shorter then it already was.

The back of her inner thighs and the bottom of her arse were clearly visible to anyone behind us. From the front any onlookers would have been able to see the wetness of her pussy shining in the blacklight.. And shine it did.

Not only could you see her pussy’s wetness but also the marks that were left by the moisture leaking out of her, (from both earlier on and now). There was a clear shinny trail where the moisture had run down her inner thighs. I could also see a droplet forming on her inner lips. It shone like a creamy pearl in the ghostly light.

I took her by the arm and led her down the isle, past the theatre seats, toward the dungeon room. By the time we got there, half of those sitting in the theatre had begun to follow us. It was as if they knew what was about to happen and that this was their lucky day.

I recognized a couple of the faces from our adventure earlier that day, but most must have entered the store while we were taking a break. Amongst this group of newcomers was a couple. They were about half way down the line that was forming in the isle behind us.

It was clear to me that the woman had already been fucked. Her shirt was open exposing her large round breasts, and her skirt was being carried by her partner, as he followed her down the isle.

I noted that she had the same shinny reflective moisture marks as Panda. They ran from her pussy all the way down to her knees and seemed to be getting longer as she walked. She also had large shinning globs of what I correctly assumed to be cum on her tits and stomach.

I led Panda into the dungeon and after removing her coat; I placed her against the large x shaped frame. I lifted her arms and put the Velcro straps around her wrists. I then secured her ankles with the Velcro straps at the bottom of the frame. She looked like she was frozen half way through a star jump, arms horizontally apart, legs open wide.

The other couple had made their way past the other onlookers and were at the front of the people crowding around the doorway. The woman introduced herself as Sue and asked if she was allowed to touch. I answered that she could touch anywhere she wanted. I went on to say that if she was agreeable, I would like her to keep an eye on Panda, just to make sure she was ok while I sorted through those that wanted a piece of the action.

She replied that she would be honoured to perform this task. I told her that the only rules were that other then herself and her partner, there was to be only one other person in the room. At the time HIV / AIDS was not yet an issue, but I said that internal cream pies were out of the question as it was Panda’s fertile time of the month.

I knew that if she were able, Panda would countermand this last request. She loves the feel of a hard cock spurting deep inside her. I also secretly wanted them all to cum inside, part of my fun was in the taboo, being ‘taken’ beyond what I specified or allowed.

As I left the room I paused and looked back. I could see Sue squatting between Panda’s legs. She was sucking on her clit as her husband stroked his cock, just inches away from her mouth and Panda’s pussy. Sue stood and moved to the side to allow her man to take his place between Panda’s parted legs. As I closed the door I saw Sue’s hands move up to Panda’s breasts as her husband slipped his cock inside my helpless wife.

Outside the onlookers were visibly disappointed at the door being closed. I told them they had no need to panic; they would all have a turn. I said that they could go in one at a time. Due to the number of people there, I added that they should get themselves close to cumming as each person would have 3 minutes only. They could do what ever they wanted during this time, except, anal or cum inside her pussy.

At the end of three minutes, they were to exit the room ready or not, and the next person in line would be allowed take his place. That being said I turned the door handle and allowed the first guy in line through the door. My heart skipped a beat as the door opened. Sues husband was just pulling out of Panda and I could see the thick droplets of cum running out of her pussy. Sue smiled at me as she closed the door behind the first entrant.

At this point I will again get panda to dictate the events as she remembers them. Let us know your comments. We love to hear what you think.

Pandaeyes and Hubby