30 May 2016

I accidently found our naughty visitor, who, in the bathroom, had found my discarded underwear and was stroking his hard cock with them, eyes closed. First I was very shocked, but seeing his hard, precum covered dick, moistening my silky underwear, surprisingly, got me horny, really quick. Watching his big balls sway, his low groaning and the large amounts of precum his dick was leaking. (It must’ve been a while since he had gotten off!) Watching his urgent attempts to release a load into my knickers, I quietly knelt down in front of him, I grabbed his cock, a helping hand, I stroked him, whilest putting him into my mouth. Surprised, he opened his eyes, and in seeing me, He mumbled something like “no, …” but as I started sucking his aching cock, like I had seen in so many porn movies, he quickly stopped and just let me suck him while moaning. His dick was really hot in my mouth and very thick, he constantly poured out his sweet sticky precum. I swallowed it all. He tasted really great, and as I increased my sucking motions, his moaning became even louder. His dick started throbbing and he released even more of his hot precum accross my tongue, into my mouth. Really turned on by this, I smiled up at him and as I slobbered on his cock, I asked him if I could ride him. His head was nodding a yes, but before I sat on his dick, I asked him if he could hold his cum load long enough, I needed a solid fucking. He furiously nodded yes, I squatted over his throbbing cock, grabbed it and played with the slick precum covered head, sliding the head against my pussy lips. I was so damn wet. We both moaned like crazy, and slowly I let myself sink onto his fat cock, I was so horny. He felt so hot, and he was moaning loud, I really began riding him. He was swelling and throbbing inside of me; that and his throaty groaning, really turned me on. I asked him if he could go a bit longer. He just mumbled yes, so I decided a little bit more fucking wouldn’t hurt me at all. More than a bit of fucking and much moaning later, I saw this intense look on his face and wanted to pull myself off his cock in time, but he told me to keep riding, he could go on. Because his dick felt so fucking good inside my pussy, I wanted to give myself another minute or two of hot riding before pulling myself off and sucking him fluids dry. His thick dick made me so horny and wet that my cum kept running down his cock and wetly over his balls, I was way more wet than usual, but I didn’t mind, it turned me on even more. Suddenly he tensed up and I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing inside me, followed by that hot sweet sensation inside my pussy. I came, such a sweet orgasmic release. He just grunted loudly and pressed, pulling me to keep riding. I surely kept on riding, it was way too good to climb off him anyway. After a minute the hot throbbing stopped and I felt his dick going limp, but I wanted more, I wanted to keep riding him, I was still horny, so I grabbed his softening cock, sucking and stroking it hard again, I put him back inside myself. I fucked on, riding myself to a second orgasm. As I was watching down, his dick and balls were covered in cum, with large amounts of thick creamy goo dripping out of my pussy. That he promised not to cum inside me, did not bother me at all. He just grinned, stroking his dick to push out the last drops of his warm cum, and said that maybe one or two little spurts might went in. We both laughed.

That was a week ago...