Written by Laidback

16 Feb 2010


This is a true story of a dare..

I remember this one time I was talking to my beautiful girlfriend about going to an adult shop. She had seen them, but never entered one for many reasons.

I asked her if she would like me to take her to an adult shop so we could buy her a vibrator for some extra bedtime fun. My girlfriend was all for it so we made plans to go the next weekend. During the days leading up to the now very exciting trip, I decided to start daring her to do stuff. Never realising she would really go through with the dare.

The first dare was that she wear a very short skirt or dress without knickers. She agreed, but in the back of my mind I didn't think she would do it. Because she agreed to this, I decided to push my luck even further and dared her to bend over and allow me to see her very smooth shaved pussy. Now I've seen a lot of pussy before in my time (videos, mags, etc.) but this woman has the most erotic pussy I have ever laid my eyes on. It has the perfect shape, it has a tongue that hangs out just enough to drive you insane, and when she has shaved it, it is the smoothest, softest pussy around. Anyway back to the story..

I also dared her to allow me to touch her shaved, bare pussy in the adult shop thinking should would never go for this.. I was wrong again. She agreed on every dare and promised she would do all of them. I laughed and didn't think any more of it until the day.

The day, Saturday, finally arrived and my girlfriend reminded me that I was to take her there. I reminded her about the dares I had laid down for her.

I got dressed, jeans and a shirt. She got dressed up in this magnificent short purple dress, did her hair the way I like it, put on some makeup and told me she was ready. It wasn't until we were about halfway there that she informed me she had no knickers on. I didn't believe her so she showed me her bare, shaved pussy in all its glory. I almost missed the corner as I couldn't believe she had gone through with the dare. When we arrived at the adult shop, I was a bit worried about it, but decided no harm could come of it while I was there to look after her.

We entered the shop, had a look at all the lingerie, a heap of sex toys, and other assorted (weird?) items before she spotted the vibrator section.

She made a beeline towards it and started asking the bloke behind the counter what was the best vibrator to use. To say I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I couldn't believe my ears, my girlfriend asking a bloke about vibrators.. Anyway after some talking, and me making myself scarce, she called out to me, bent over to point to a vibrator and showing all the world her incredible shaved snatch. I almost blew my load in my pants just knowing if anyone else in the shop had of turned around they would have seen it and would have known it was all mine. She asked if I liked the huge multi-speed vibrator she had picked out. I took one look and got excited. This thing was unreal, and the colour was her favourite colour. I went and grabbed a crotch-less body stocking for her and we paid for the items.

By the time we got back to the car, I had a throbbing hard-on and she was telling me she was wet from all the excitement. I offered to try the new vibrator out on her and to my utter shock she agreed.

Here we were, in the front seat of the car, parked on a busy road with people walking past, cars driving past, and I was fucking her with a purple vibrator.

Things progressed from there and I ended up kissing, sucking, and licking her incredible pussy while she jerked me off. Only once did we have to stop because some young blokes walked past the front of the car. But in the end, neither of us gave a damn if anyone saw us doing what we do best.

I will never forget that day, and I know she will never forget it either. :)

Our next dare is going to be even "worse", just haven't thought up a good one yet.