15 May 2015

Up until a couple of years ago I traveled interstate for my work. In one state I would meet a couple in my hotel room for some fun We would meet for dinner then head back to my room for some fun. I think we matched each other in a number of ways. The lady was so adorable we would chat about anything and her husband was the same a great guy.

On one visit they came over entered my room and we undressed right away they had a bag of goodies with them. I was told to lie on the bed on my back. They took my arms and tied them to each side of the bed,my legs followed. I was living there spread eagle and naked as the day I was born. I had often wondered what it would be like to be tied up like this. I trusted this couple and knew I would be safe. And I was. For th next hour or so I was lightly whipped,sucked by both, had feathers played over my body. The lady sat over my chest and let me lick her pussy and her clit. I was in heaven these two people knew how to treat me and use me both for there enjoyment and mine. I licked her pussy until she slid down and let my cock slide into her pussy as her husband watched. As she moved up and down on my cock her husband took photos of us and played with my balls and his wife's clit as my cock was going in and out

We rested for awhile I was released and after a drink we started again. I went down on her and got her very wet. Her husband come over a slide his cock into her while she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me. It was just fantastic. I came three times that night. But it wasn't all about me. We made sure that all three of us was satisfied

On another night there was 6 of us together. 3 guys 3 ladies. One couple kept to themselves which was fine it was enjoyable watching them. At one point I had two ladies working on me. Four hands two mouths and two pussies. Just heaven. But I knew I wanted just one of these ladies. And after some time we landed together and spent the rest of the night licking,sucking and yes making love to each other. When ever I met this couple it was fantastic sex better than I had ever had before.

But one night when I was interstate we had met Had a great time. I went to bed and had a heart attack which landed me in hospital. I had managed to call an ambiance. I spent two weeks in hospital. The only way to contact my friends was via messages on this site. I didn't have my iPad so was unable to make contact. After my stay in hospital I was taken home by my employers.

To this date they have looked after me in their home and given such kindness.

It is two years since this happened. I've retired from work. So my interstate trip and seeing these people that had become so much more than people I had sex with ended. I wasnt able to travel by air so it is impossible to see them I have dreamed so often of the great times we had together and very often would try to relive those times as I played by myself. Often with a cock that would nt get hard. Im still not able to travel much but we have chatted a few times on private cams and by phone.

Life moves on and I believe they have moved on now and no doubt are enjoying fun times with other people.

This is the first time I have put my thoughts down. I'm sure they will know who I'm talking about. But for their privacy no names or state have been mentioned.

Thank you both for letting me be part of your lives and for the fantastic times we spent together both in and out of bed. You will for every be in my thoughts.