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The bridesmaid

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Published 7 years ago
I didn't know anybody at the wedding except for the bridal party. Sitting on a table of strangers I got stuck into the booze as a social lubricant. The alcohol flowing freely the conversation degenerated to who was hot and who was not and at some point I boasted `I'm going to do the head bridesmaid.' I didn't get close to her until after the bridal waltz. I barely got to talk to her but the dancing was close and slow. We danced with others but she kept on coming back to me, cutting whenever I got close to a pretty girl. She was grinding into me and had me hard. Our hands were exploring each other as much as we could on the dance floor. Moving her hand to my rock hard cock, she leaned in, bit my earlobe, whispered `Follow me' and broke off across the dance floor. Following her I was self concious of my erection straining against my suit pants. As she lead me down a hall past the toilets to the bridal parties powder room. The bride and groom were just leaving looking flushed. `The rooms all your's' said the bride as we passed. The bridesmaid reached back, grabbed my cock and pulled me towards the room. If I didn't know earlier I knew now exactly what she wanted! As she entered the room she released me, dropped her panties and hung them on the door knob before closing it behind us. `Nobody will interupt us, but everyone will know what we are doing' she said with a cheaky smile. Instantly our hands were all over each other. I couldn't get to her tits as they were laced into her black dress. I squeezed her hard nipples through the fabric then reached under her dress to cup her arse and pull her into me so my cock pushed hard against her through the fabric. She pushed me away, dropped to her knees undid my pants and took all of me in her mouth. She settled into a rythem in and out with her tongue working the underside of my dick and her hands massaging my arse and balls. Close to cumming, my hands moved from her shoulders to the back of her head. She squeezed my balls and raked her teeth down the length of my dick. 'Don't mess up my hair!' she snapped before settling back in to working my cock with her mouth. The surge of pain brought me back from the edge. She continued to work my cock and massage my arse and balls. Moaning and humming the whole time the sensation was intense. Her hands wandered up and down my legs and lingered on my arsehole. Gentle touches at first then more and more pressure. Between her fingers and her mouth I was close to exploding. She pulled away and stairing into my eyes licked her finger before taking me in her mouth again and sliding her finger into my arse. I came in her mouth and she took it all, I could barely stand as she continued sucking and working her finger in and out. Now limp she released me and stood up. She kissed me deeply, I could hardly taste my self on her, she had swallowed it all. 'Did you enjoy that?' she asked. "yes" I relied. 'Good, now its your turn to please me' she commanded as she fell back into a lounger and lifted her dress. I fell to my knees and dived at her pussy, eager to please her. She was dripping wet. I set to work with my tongue, licking up and down before her hands grabed my head and held me in position over her clit. Moaning and panting she demanded I finger her. Two fingers slipped right in. I curved them foward to find her g-spot and pressed hard while working my tongue around and over my clit. `I'm cuming' she cried as her pussy spasmed and gushed. I pulled back ready to fuck her. 'No, make me cum again' she demanded pulling my head back between her legs. I set to work again on her pussy with my fingers and tongue. Her hands on the back of my head controling my rythem. Taking inspiration from her I pressed my little finger against her arsehole. `Yes' she moaned. Wet from her pussy juices my little finger slid into her tight hole. She released my head and grabbed her legs and pulled them up to her chest. I pulled back and enjoyed the view as I watched two fingers work her cunt, my pinky work her arse, and my thumb work her clit. `Oh God' she yelled as she came again. Her pussy convulsed and squeezed out my fingers as she gushed and made a huge wet patch on the lounge. `Now fuck me!' I grabed her ankles and pulled them straight up to my shoulders and drove my cock into her pussy. I pounded her pussy hard. `Cum inside me!' she demanded. That was enough for me. I came inside her and collapsed into her. I lay together catching our breath. There was a knock at the door. 'Five minutes till the bouquet toss.' and a giggle from the other bridesmaid. I climbed off, she took my limp cock and cleaned it with her mouth then stood and french kissed me. The taste of my and her juices on her tongue had me hard again. `No time for more, get dressed.' she commanded. I pulled up my pants noticing the red lipstick around the base of my cock. She straightened her dress and went to the mirror to tidy her hair and reapply her lipstick. As we left the room she grabbed her panties off the door handle and shoved them into my pants pocket. We walked together down the hall back to the party. She whispered 'i can feel you running down my leg' and broke off back to the bridal table. I went to the bar to drink a private toast to the bridesmaid. She ignored me for the rest of the night. The formalities of the night wound up. The bouquet had been thrown, the garter flung amg the bride ang groom were leaving. Hands grabed me from behind and she whisper in my ear 'My limo leaves in twenty minutes.'. Not longer after I was lead to the car. 'Home please, the long way' she said to the drive before pressing the button to close the privacy screen. The driver gave me a smile and wink as the screen between us closed. We kissed, she undid my pants and used her hand to bring me to attention. She stradled me and my dick slipped straight inside her. We fucked like that the whole trip. My hands ultinating between squeezing her hard nipples through her corseted dress and teasing her arsehole as orgasms rocked her. The whole time she held me close and sucked or bit my earlobe depending on of she was cuming. The intercom clicked 'You are home ma'am. Do you require me to drive Sir anywhere?' she slid off me and reached for the talk button. 'No thankyou, Sir is my husband.' We went inside, paid the babysiter and then I got to cut her out of her dress. *Mostly fact - a few different events and a little bit of fantasy made into one evening.

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