Written by Hubby

25 Jun 2017

Well I awoke , extremely satisfied after secretly watching my wife Sam get well and truly fucked by my work mate John ,who also was not aware that I actually wasn't asleep and although I have indicated to him that "If he played his cards right he might be able to get into my missis's pants (which he did of course ...lol) .

after I had my morning shower , I grabbed Sam's dirty knickers from last night and wow they had the essence of pure well fucked pussy and were all sticky, still,

I had a quick pervy wank ,thinking about last night and planning another opportunity for Sam to get her pretty little body fucked one more time , I blew onto the messy gusset and threw them back into the dirty washing bag,

I snuck back into bed ( all clean and smelling nice) and proceeded to slowly spoon Sam and rub her bum cheeks ( for all you horny girls reading this I mean caress her bum cheeks ,don't I ....lol). Sam's mumbling and trying to fob me off , but no I keep on with the task at hand .

As she was lying on her front ,naked , I sneak my hand between her warm and inviting thighs and start rubbing her clit ,after a little bit of persuasion , she gradually opens her legs just a little bit , Wow ! you should have smelt her cunt , there is nothing better than a well fucked married pussy full of another mans spunk that has been fermenting overnight , I then slide two fingers in her and ,shes off and writhing all round the bed, I take the opportunity to pull her hips up and start kissing her bum cheeks then start cleaning up last nights cream pie , the aroma was so powerful especially now that her pussy was wide open and gaping ummmmm.... ( I nearly blew my load) .

[Now just so you know , Sam has let me lick her dirty pussy quite a few times ,as she thinks I don't know that she's been getting cock on the side }

So here I am licking all over her pussy and then I start on her bum hole , then proceed to finger both holes together then pull out of her cunt and stick both fingers in her ass .

I then scoop out some pussy juice and rub it into her balloon knot , then move in and slide my rock hard cock into her ass and she was loving it.

After we both had come together , which only seems to happen when shes been a naughty girl , I pull out and watch my spunk dribble down onto the sheets , ( mental picture right there Guys ) (and girls).

Well why shes recovering , she says to me " what brought that on?" to which I replied " do you remember us bumping in to my work mate John and having a couple of drinks and dances last night ? " Sam relies "why " , I said "well I reckon he;s got the hots for you , I'm surprised he didn't try it on with you last night as he was all over you on the dance floor and he told me at work that he hadn't been getting any since his divorce and I bet he would love to get into your pants ?..... "

"Well you can forget that, she says , I'm a happily married woman and not that type of person ."

"Oh well , I can always dream I suppose , one day you might make my fantasy come true "

"Don't forget sweetheart Johns having dinner at our dining table tonight , and why don't you dress up all nice in some of your new clothes for me and you never know you might just give John a stiffy , right there in the dining room .

Well, why don't you have your shower darling . I'm just going to rinse out our undies from last night and hang them out on the balcony to dry why we go to breakfast , pulling her knickers from last night out right in front of her and pulling the gusset open , letting her see the condition they were in , I lifted them to my nose and sniffed real hard right in front of her and said "you must of been horny last night ".................