Written by neemtrees

23 Jan 2013

I was living in Melbourne and was in Sydney for work. I was staying with boss and family who i had been close friends with for some years. She was a very skinny lady with very big tits. Nothing much to look at, thick glasses and ultra conservative interested in boring shit like quilting.

Anyway, when it was near time for me to head back to Melbourne the boss asked if i could give his wife a lift down to visit friends in Doncaster. I said sure, a bit of company on that trip would be great. I had an old wreck of a VW Kombi with a bench seat.

Anyway a few days later we were off. She didn't say much and was engrossed in one of those ladies magazines until just about the Vic border. We decided to do a little more of a scenic drive and shoot off through Marysville. There we are driving along, nothing much in sight, no cars, just us. Out of the blue she says "i'm reading this story where this girl gives her boyfriend a blow job while driving in the country, WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO DO THAT TO YOU"?

After recovering from shock i said sure, of course and there she is, unzipping me and putting it into her mouth resting her head on my lap. I have had head jobs before but this was a one in a million, not sure if it was just the circumstances or her training as a nurse. Now as any Kombi owners know, trying to keep one on the road in a straight line is not a job for the faint hearted and trying to keep it on the road while being on the verge of a huge orgasm is terrifying. Just as i was about to fill her mouth she says "i better stop or we'll hit a tree".

What stop, while she has got me so excited? Luckily there was a little dirt side road with a raised hill that you couldn't see from the main road so i swerved down it. I slid to a halt, jumped out, grabbed her feet and sprawled her out across the seat with her legs dangling out of the drivers door, ripped her panties off and gave her the biggest fuck she had ever had (so she told me later).

So yes, even quilters get horny and want to fuck sometimes!!!