Written by Hubby

31 Jan 2017

My wife Sam and myself , were staying over at Jarrod and Helen's place after a night out together and a lot of drinks , we also had some naughty fun as well.

Last post left off with me saying good night to Jarrod and leaving him with Helen's g-string ,all wet and sticky, now as you can imagine Jarrod had a very bemused look on his face ,as he really thought Helen would not be up to a "bit on the side".

Jarrod of course thinks this was her first time (and was not aware that I had fucked Helen the last time they stayed over at our house) .

So off I went to the guest bedroom ,my wife Sam does not know that I am aware that Jarrod just fucked her ,and she also does not know that I fucked Helen tonight.

As I walk in Sam asks me to unzip her dress , and as I do , I move in close to her ear and smooch her , I can smell the alcohol mixed in among her perfume .

I reach round and rub her pussy through her sexy little panties ,and discover that they are very damp on the outside ,Sam is fidgeting and trying to pull away ,saying "not tonight ,I feel a little light headed from all the alcohol, but I wasn't going to miss out on sloppy seconds ,and the opportunity to lick out her dirty married and well fucked cunt.

I manage to roll down her panties and the gusset was a mess ,full of her and Jarrod's come ,and she pulled away to sit on the toilet and have a wee, and as I looked over at her ,I see her cunt all puffed up and deep red ,matted come stuck in her her pussy lips and as the pee was dribbling out Jarrod's spunk was slowly oozing out as well .

As soon as she had done a wee , I grabbed her and pulled her up towards me ,Sam saying "I've got to wipe myself ",but I was having none of that.

I stick a finger in her cunt and move it about ,pull out my finger and sniff it ,Sam says "boy you gross me out some times" to which I put my sticky finger in my mouth and say "looks like my pretty little wife got fucked tonight ,Sam just tried to pull away .

After pushing her down on to the bed end I lift her legs up over her shoulders and start licking her very smelly cunt.

"Did you enjoy getting fucked tonight my darling " ,"if you must know yes I did ","and I bet you ,tried to get into Helen's pants tonight ,no doubt".

Well I spin around ,and get into a 69 position ,take out my cock and just stuck it straight in her mouth ,and said"here taste my cock and you will soon have your answer.

Well Helen has giving up acting all innocent and pretending ,that shes not getting fucked on the side ,and I am licking/sucking all round her messy cunt ,and also dipping my tongue in her bum-hole , (for those who have had the pleasure of cleaning up there ladies pussy after somebody else has fucked them, the aroma coming from her horny married

dirty cunt is heaven).

"When is Jarrod going to fuck this tight bum of yours ,or has he already?" I say.

Helen replies "he doesn't seem to play with like you do",well maybe you need to make it happen then, I say .

So I pull my cock out of Sam's mouth and turn her over and start licking her bum whilst scooping out Jarrod's cum with my fingers and rubbing it all around her little brown balloon knot ,and I slip one finger in easily and gradually slip the second one in a bit slower , then lean in close and whisper in her ear "has Jarrod got a nice big cock or small one ?"

Sam doesn't answer, just groans as she seems to be getting off on this ,or thinking about last night (or maybe ,just maybe imaging my fingers are Jarrod's cock) .

While Sam's enjoying my fingering her ass ,and my dirty conversation ,I withdraw my fingers and start to feed my cock into her ass , she starts to wince a bit ,and I reach around and start twirling her rock hard nipples ,as well as rubbing around her clit off and on , and while she is somewhat distracted I push home and pass her tight muscle and its all plain sailing from here .

Sam all of a sudden , starts calling out Jarrod's name and saying "oh yeah fuck my ass ,fuck my ass".

Sam then starts squeezing my cock with her sphincter muscle and blow my spunk fair up her ass , while she is having a massive orgasm.

After I pull out ,and slip in to the adjoining bathroom and wipe down my cock (this is not a porn movie ,and she didn't suck my cock after it had been in her ass,lol), I came back to bed and say "how was that sweetheart ,did you enjoy that?"

She went all coy and went off to clean up .

Tomorrow I will pull Helen aside and ask her for her version of what happened after she went to bed, also well fucked by me earlier, as well as having no knickers on (and a very sloppy cunt,I might add), she also did not know that Jarrod had her messy g-string in his pocket ,so stay tuned to hear what she got up too , and next time I'm down the pub with Jarrod I will ask for his version (the intrigue, is great when all 4 parties don't know that we all know ,great isn't it,lol) .