Written by MissTigeress

16 Jul 2011

It was the night of my 21st birthday and I’d resolved myself in finding a hot fuck for my present. I’d kitted myself out in my skimpiest outfit a see through top and mini skirt. So I headed out for the night with friends and started checking out the guys at the night club. Myself and friends were two hours into celebrating my 21st when I was approached by a guy who introduced himself as Eddie. He had dark brown hair and the most amazing eyes. He asked me if I’d like to dance which I replied yes. So we headed out to the floor and started dancing. He leant over and started kissing me on the dance floor his hands squeezing my ass as they wandered between my thighs. It was starting to get hot and I could feel my pussy starting to throb and get wet. Then Eddie tentatively lifted my skirt right on the dance floor and pushed two fingers inside not bad I thought imagining what his hard cock would feel like inside my pussy. I didn’t have to wait long because the next thing I knew Eddie led me from the dance floor towards a secluded spot in the night club. Eddie lifted me against the wall, his hard cock desperately trying to locate my holiest of holes. Finally he slid it in past my tight guardian flaps.

I remember thinking it was an interesting and stimulating sensation. As he started fucking me right in the night club the music loud so to dull out my screams and moans. No one really paying any attention to us either but people where still watching making it more exciting. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he waggled himself urgently around inside me. With each push of his rock hard cock I loosened up making the whole fuck more enjoyable. I started to understand why these erotic sex encounters might really be as good as they say. I didn’t know it then but Eddie was close to bringing me my first orgasm for the night. I started to moan and pant and my loins tingled and I was nearly there as Eddie thrust his cock deeper inside me I squeezed his shoulders. Then with that Eddie squeezed my ass and made one final cock exploding thrust and blew his load inside me.

He the put me down slowly sitting me on the table beside us and started to lick and suck my pussy. His tongue twilling around my flaps sucking all the juice from my pussy. But while Eddie was teasing and tasting my pussy rubbing my clit with his fingers I could feel another orgasm coming. With in minutes I exploded all over his face as he sucked and swallowed all my juicy cum. We than composed ourselves, Eddie went to the bar and got us each a cold drink because fuck we needed one after that. We than returned to my friends who gave me a smile and asked if I enjoyed the dance. Which I replied yes. Eddie stayed with us for the rest of the night and came home with me for round two. Which was just as erotic as the night club fuck.