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12 Oct 2020

The Play Date

Unexpected encounter


7 minute read

I could never of expected one of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had take place with what started out as a Saturday play date. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m dropping everyone off at a play date. All innocent enough I thought as I went in and did the usual intro’s and what not. I did feel incredibly out numbered as I was the only male doing the drop off, as all the other mums were sitting out the back drinking wine and getting a bit rowdy. I sat down for a drink and struck up a conversation with one of the mums who was being very flirty. I didn’t see things going anywhere so I finished my drink and said I might see you when I come back to pick my daughter up. She replied with “maybe you will if your lucky” with a cheeky smile on her face. As I’m about to get in my car she came out the front and invited me to hers for a coffee. I couldn’t believe this was happening but of course I accepted her offer. So we jumped in our cars and I followed her home. She opens the front door and tells me to come and grab a seat on the lounge while she makes some coffee. She returns to the living room with drinks and snacks on a tray. As she leant down to put the tray on the table I could see straight down her top, she wasn’t wearing a bra which caught me completely by surprise. She caught me staring as I was fixated on her beautiful tits and says “do you see something you like” with that same cheeky smile. I eventually get some form of a sentence out replying with “why yes I do”. My cock was instantly hard and it didn’t take her much time to catch on either. She was staring at the bulge in my pants and says “well I see somebody likes it”. She then drops to her knees and leans over to kiss me and says “I think he needs to come out and have a good look”. I’m absolutely throbbing now as I have a hand up her top playing with her hard nipples and respond with “I think he wants more than a good look”. She starts undoing my belt and unzips my jeans and starts circling the head of my cock with her tongue, tasting the precum as she flicks the head back and forth. My cock is glistening from her saliva coating it, she starts inserting the head in her mouth getting deeper and deeper each time. Then she has one hand around my shaft stroking it while her lips are wrapped around the head sucking so enthusiastically. I lift her top over head and expose her amazing tits. They are big and perky with beautiful nipples I couldn’t resist caressing, sucking and nibbling them. She whispers in my ear “I want you inside me”, I reply back with “I’m not done with you yet” as I stand her up and slide her black leggings down to the floor. She bends over to kiss me again as I rub the inside of her thigh slowly inching closer to her perfectly maintained pussy. I run my fingers over her moist lips, she is absolutely dripping wet. I slide my fingers inside her and she lets out a sensual moan. I get deeper and faster as I feel her legs starting to shake I stop. She stands me up and takes my shirt off and pulls my jeans down, then pushes me back down on the lounge. She lowers herself onto my cock guiding it in with her hand, she is so wet but still so tight as she groans when I place my hands on her shoulders and pull her towards me. She says “your cock is so thick, it feels so good” she starts to slide up and down getting deeper with each thrust until I feel her hot lil ass press against my lap. I reach around to fondle her tits with one hand and the other slides down to rub her clit as she arches her back and turns her head to kiss me, still bobbing up and down. I stand her up and turn her around she squats over me drops herself all the way down my cock which is now soaked in her juices. I get a mouthful of her tits gently nibbling her erect nipples and she starts bouncing harder and faster until she says “oh fuck your going to make me cum” as I feel her pussy clamp tighter around me with her body shuddering. I roll her over and slowly pull out taking my time to work down to her sweet lil pussy, I circle her pussy with my tongue and she tastes amazing. I have both hands cupped around her tits as I devour her pussy with my mouth licking, sucking and nibbling her clit as she wriggles and squirms with moans of pleasure. Then I rest her legs on my shoulders as I rub the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy teasing her clit, before gliding inside her she groans “oh my god”. I start to push deeper and deeper as I rub her clit with my thumb pumping faster and faster. She screams “I’m cumming again” as her back arches and body shudders so I stop to pull out and tell her to turn around. She is now on all fours as I sit on the edge of the lounge and admire the gorgeous view from behind. I grab my cock and brush the head over her soaking wet pussy moving up and down eventually going up and teasing her ass. I slide back down and insert the head inside her pussy, she looks back with a smile and “says stop teasing me” so I grab her hips with both hands, pull her toward me until her ass is pressing on my stomach. She starts to push back as I start to pound her harder and faster, her tits bouncing to and fro as she starts rubbing her clit while I keep pumping. I moisten my fingers with her juices and circle her ass with my thumb before inserting it whilst I glide in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She turns to say “I want you to fuck my ass” so I slowly pull out and use my fingers to smear her juices for lube and start pressing the head of my cock against her ass slowly inching my way in, she groans as I pull back and push in a lil further each time. Taking my time to let her get used my thick cock in her ass she says “you can go faster now”, I graciously accept and start going faster but not all the way in just yet, she screams “harder” as I see her hand is on her pussy rubbing her juices over her lips and clit. I pick up the pace and start going all the way to the sound of our skin smacking together with every thrust, I say “your going to make me cum” she replies with “cum inside me”. I grab her hips and go as hard and fast as I can, as I start to squirt inside her ass she screams “I’m cumming again”. I pull out and squirt more cum on her lower back just as she had squirt all over the floor. We both fall to the floor in complete ecstasy and exhaustion. We cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and went back to collect everyone. I’m sure some of the other mums knew something went on. Hopefully get some invites to more play dates real soon!!!

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