18 Jul 2018

Janet was married, I was married just not to each other! Janet and I met as our kids went to the same school we hit it off immediately, to start with our conversations were the usual parent to parent kind of things. We only lived 3 streets away from each other and in those day I was riding to work and would pass by her house everyday. I finished work early every second Friday and when passing Janet’s house on this particular day she was out front in the garden on her knees doing some weeding and I naturally stopped to say hi. We where always ribbing each other and I commented about how it was always great seeing a woman down on her knees to which she laughed and then drew my attention to the street number of her house which was 69. Janet said in a very raunchy manner that she loved being on her knees sucking cock but could do with a good 69 and couldn’t remember the last time her hubby showed any interest in sex, I naturally started getting a bulge in my bike shorts stretching the fabric that Janet immediately notice; as I am reasonably well hung and she was still on her knees looking directly at my now hardening cock! Janet was staring with a smile on her face then pointed at my crouch and with that same raunchy voice said how she’d like to get my cock down her throat and with a cheeky grin asked if I had time for a coffee or “what ever” how could I refuse. I followed her inside staring at her butt as she was wearing some fitted summer shorts that accentuated her shape, my cock was rock hard and as soon as the front door closed I reached out and gently touched her butt, she stopped mid step and pushed her ass against my hand then reached around behind and stroked my cock through the strained fabric of my shorts. Janet turned around facing me then we kissed her mouth was open seeking my tongue, with that there was a very hurried removal of clothes I first pulled her top off over her head dropped her bra and started sucking her tits while pulling down her shorts, then was fingering her pussy that was beautiful and wet; Janet was loving it with soft moans and rotating her hips as I now pushing two fingers inside her while we kissed deeply. We where clawing at each other as we moved into the lounge room where she dropped to her knees looking up at me then pulled down my shorts taking my now rock hard cock in her mouth sucking and licking up and down my stiff shaft, Janet was playing with my balls and as she reached the base of my cock with here tongue would take one of my balls in her mouth and caress it. She continued sucking me deep down her throat and let me tell you it felt so good I was close to cumming as my balls where full, I pushed her down onto the carpet and worked my mouth down onto her very wet pussy alternating between licking her clit, sucking her pussy lips and pushing my tongue into her very wet hole, Janet was loving it moaning and bucking her hips to my tongue; as she was so horny and it had been so long since she had been touched, she pushed her wet pussy into my face and grabbed me by the hair and came in my mouth while being very vocal about how it felt so good. I pushed my fingers back inside Janet and then kissed her telling to lick her juices off my face that she did very willingly! When she had licked my face clean we kissed mixing her pussy juice with our tongues, then I said “now how about that 69?” She spun around on the carpet opened her legs so I could eat her pussy and rim and tongue her arse while she took my cock deep down her sweet throat trying to choke herself. Janet came in my mouth again as I was eating her out and it wasn’t long before I to started building to an orgasm, then bang it happened I was cumming as a thick stream of cum was shot into her mouth that Janet was very happy to swallow but as there was so much cum it was spilling out the sides of her mouth and onto her lips and face. It was to much for me so I pulled my cock out of her mouth as I got up from the 69 position onto my knees and grabbing my cock I pumped the last of my cum into her hungry mouth though some did spill out onto her face. Once I had finished emptying my cum into Janet’s mouth and on her face I looked at her and told her she missed some and started scooping up my spilled cum and pushing it into her open mouth, then we kissed swapping our cum greedily with our tongues deep into each other’s mouth. We both recovered from the initial surprise of what had just happened then after some time enjoying the after glow I looked at Janet and said I haven’t finished with you yet and want more to which she looked at me smiling then was sucking my cock again getting me hard as I encouraged her till I was once again hard and ready to fuck her, she got back down on the carpeted floor and opened her legs as I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy; fuck she felt good as we kissed with our tongues darting into each other’s mouth, now I never knew this about Janet but she was a very much a multiple orgasmer and was again coming on my cock this time as I pumped into her, we continued this till I was again blowing my cum deep into her pussy! I lay on top of her and kissed her deeply till we looked at each other and started laughing about what we had done and discussed how we had to make this a regular thing? But that’s another story........ to be continued!