23 Mar 2016

The door to this new section of the club opened and I walked in. The rooms here were dark, and I could only make out the shapes of semi dressed and naked figures, laying and stood around. I could hear sexy moaning from a corner of one room, and made out a blindfolded blonde girl, securely tied, to a bed being screwed unmercifully from behind. The hunky guy ploughing into her was making short work of her tight pussy and the entire bed shook with each rhythmic thrust. Before I could say or do anything, I was invited to strip off her skimpy underwear. I quickly stripped off her scanty apparel, revealing a perfectly delectable set of large breasts that had been hidden earlier.

She moved her bound hands to cover her modesty, but new arms grabbed her and pulled her back down. The blonde's hands were now tied to the bed-frame, and she was laid on her back. The hunky guy now climbed back on top of the blonde and again drove his cock deep into her subdued body, I watched, fascinated, all the while I could hear the blonde’s body being pounded and her intense moaning, my mind raced to think what they would do to her next, but she was sure loving all of it. The hunky guy drove , one final deep thrust, held her tight and filled her with his raging semen. He collapsed and after a few seconds rolled over, revealing a very impressive, semen coated cock.

I unconsciously licked my lips at the sexy sight. It didn’t take long for a second figure to climb onto her, and position his cock at the opening of her filled, cream running pussy. She let out a small gasp as he began to push this new cock inside of her. My pussy was so wet, just from the sight of the blonde, the sticky cock and the delicious abuse her pussy was receiving. I could only hope that they was as rough with me, when it was my turn. You could tell the blond felt the entire length of his cock deep up inside of her as he pounded in and out of her pussy. She moaned and groaned in lust as his pounding sped up, causing the whole bed to rock with his wonderful, hard fucking.

He grabbed at her breasts and squeezed them hard, before thrusting back deep into her and letting loose, his own torrent of hot cum. Her head rolled back as the hot creamy pleasure splashed her cunt walls, I watched on as it all became too much for her and she began to cum herself, she ground hard, driving onto his cock, she was actually urging her pussy to suck his cum deeper inside her body. He was quickly replaced by the next man, and the entire process began again. She felt him roughly fuck her into the mattress, using her body for lustful pleasure, before this new cock tensed and sent shot after shot of even more cum into her flooded pussy.

This happened several times more, I watched each time, the blond cumming as she felt each man blow his fresh silky seed inside of her. Her pussy was full to the brim, with so many men’s cum. I was so wet myself and so jealous! The sheets, her arse and her inner thighs were pooling the thick white creamy liquid. I watched on as she felt arms undo her hands and lift her onto her knees, my god, I thought to myself, how much more can this woman take? I smiled to myself and my finger drifted to my clitoris as I continued to watch this stunning scene.

She was placed on all fours, I was now looking directly at the blonde. Again the restraints were put round her hands, and again she felt a man begin to enter her from behind, this time grabbing her hips and forcing his, very veiny cock, into her overflowing pussy. I watched on as this next man filled the blonde from behind. I could see the blonde was almost passing out, the intense amount of orgasms she had gone through. A chalk board above her bed had a tally chart on it, showing she had been screwed 7 times, and it really showed on her sweating curvaceous body.

My eyes were adjusted to the darkness, and I could make out someone walking towards the blonde. This one was different to the others however, I could see a long shadow hanging down, much lower, than it should and realised that this newest man had one massive cock. Her previous moans of pleasure from her previous fucking were going to be nothing as this man lined up behind her. She squealed, out loud, as he grabbed her hips and slapped her hard on the wet cummy arse. I was fascinated as this massive cock was lined up against the blondes pussy and began to move slowly drive in.

The blondes groaned and was opened wide as the monster cock slid into her. Thank goodness the blond was so full of silky cum, that fucking organ was a fucking monster! She let out another guttural groan and physically shook as he slid as much cock as he could into her sloppy creamy pussy. This bloke fucking reamed her, he was obviously real happy to have a slut with a cunt that could take his total length and he well and truly used her for his own fucking pleasure. He himself suddenly groaned out, so loudly, and pumping her cunt hard. Her pulled her hair and pulled her head towards the ceiling, she must have felt the cock fucking the back of her throat, he was so deep. He tensed against her and unloaded into her already overflowing pussy, he must have pumped, thick and hot semen, directly into her womb, she would carry deep in her body, his creamy seed for days .

Now unbelievably, as he climbed off her, the blond was pulled back onto her back and once again handcuffed to the bed head before another cock took the previous mans place, god help him in that destroyed cunt, ha-ha! This new man, his hands grasped her neck as he began to fuck her, his cock pounding into her drenched, flogged, flooded pussy. His grip tightened as he continued to fuck her, the air escaping her. She began to cum, and you could see her pleasure amplify. He added his seed to her body before releasing her, letting her gasp for breath. He left her there, lying in a massive pool of cum and a creamy flood running from her used pussy.

The blond was well fucked and truly ploughed, her blindfold was removed and she was untied by a partner I had not seen before, and he smiled at me, looking down at my moving hand, as he released her. I suddenly realised I was still mashing my own button. I was caught embarrassed for a second.

She eventually left, arm around her partner, the room. She had absolutely no clue which of the men had fucked her and emptied into her soft, now well filled pussy. Her skin, her arse, was glistening with moist semen. She was totally destroyed but she certainly looked liked she totally enjoyed herself!

Holy fuck, what an intense show, now If I can just find my husband and a few friends, I am so fucking horny!