17 Feb 2016

"Your black boyfriend wants to fuck you again".

It was my master after just checking the messages on his phone. The devil on my shoulder purred with delight. He wants me again!! The angel on my opposing shoulder arguing that it was not such a good idea.

"When", I said ignoring the angel.

"During his lunchbreak", my master responded, "it will have to be a quickie if you are up for it".

We headed through the toll gates at Town Hall Station and made our way to Platform 6. My stomach was beginning to churn. Fucking a stranger was much less complicated without planning. Just meeting and fucking. No time for thinking. The wetness building between my legs once again told me that I wanted it, even though in my mind, I wasn't sure.

We disembarked at Circular Quay and made our way towards the Rocks. With the sun shining for the first time in five days the walkways around the harbour were crowded. Picking our way through the throngs of tourists was tedious. Arriving back at our room I hit the shower to freshen up and pulled on a floral dress, not bothering with panties. My Master descended the stairs to meet Michael and escort him to our room. I was nervous again.

When Michael walked in my nerves gave way to excitement. Hmmm, he looked good dressed in arse-hugging demin jeans and a black pullover. He reclined on the bed where I sat cross-legged, his eyes darting hungrily between my thighs. Yes, he was definitely looking forward to meeting me again, I reassured myself. Drawing closer, he caressed my thighs, his cock twitching in his pants.

"Hi, it's good to see you again", he said in his seductively smooth voice.

"It's good to see you" I replied.

"We better get started", my Master said worried, "Michael only has an hour".

Both men undressed before me, their cocks springing free from tight pants, and I slipped my dress of over my head to reveal my waiting pussy. Perched on the side of the bed, I beckoned both men over. Having too eager cocks to play with was not only lots of fun, but also very empowering. I grabbed them both, one in each hand, giving a cheeky giggle that I could be so lucky. I sucked one and then the other, swirling my tongue over each head and paying attention to the sensitive groove where the head meets the shaft. Heavenly! I wondered how the guys felt standing side by side waiting for their turn. Was it strange for each of them being in the in such close proximity to another man's cock or did the thought not even enter their minds. Michael and my Master had a breast in each hand and were kneading, enjoying my feminine form. I groaned in appreciation, the vibration of my voice tingling down their rigid shafts.

I turned and presented my rounded arse to them. Eager as always, Michael grabbed both cheeks in his hands, humming his approval. He notched his cock between my folds and gently pushed inside, sliding all the way to the base against my resisting muscles.

"Ah, so tight", he hissed through clenched teeth.

He began to thrust, slowly at first and then building in urgency. His cock felt amazing inside me. I was so full and stretched to my limit and could feel every delicious curve of his cock as he pumped it in and out. My master positioned himself in front of me and presented his cock to me, which I swallowed greedily. As Michael thrust into me my lips were forced down the shaft of my Master's cock in a steady rhythm. Something he would later confess felt wildly erotic. He hardened to tempered steel almost immediately and I could feel his cock jerk in my mouth. His balls tightened against my chin, a tell-tale sign that he was having trouble holding on to his load.

Not wanting to blow too soon, he instructed Michael to fuck me sideways - one of his favourite positions. I shimmied towards the edge of the bed an brought my knees up to my chin, and Michael slid inside effortlessly. I could feel the masculine power behind his strokes as his butt muscles flexed in an effort to drive deeper. He was thumping up against my arse like a mad man. My pussy responded by clenching deliciously around him, urging him in deeper. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I began to lose all sense of time and perspective.

Without withdrawing his cock, clever Michael pulled my legs down and lay me flat on my stomach. Oh my God, he was so deep. His cock was so hard, so hot and all mine. He was very confident in the way he used it and I felt like the luckiest girl alive to be receiving his attentions. He slapped my arse - hard, loving the feel of it jiggling beneath him.

"She likes that", my Master encouraged.

Michael cradled my head in his large hands and continued thrusting, the tension of his orgasm building, making his whole body rigid. As if he couldn't quite get enough of me, he snaked his muscular arms around my torso and pulled me onto him, his breath hot and frantic against the nape of my neck, his thrusting gaining powerful momentum.

"I want to see your face", Michael said. Knowing that I wasn't just a vagina to fuck to Michael was overwhelming. I needed confirmation that this connection between us was more than that.

I flipped onto my back, and he grabbed my ankles pushing them high, one either side of my head, and re-entered me. My pussy gobbled him up as he sank balls-deep. I bit my lip in absolute ecstasy. I was going crazy with lust, as

his large cock drove even deeper, pushing against my abdomen from the inside.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good", my voice jarring as he thrust.

My Master, having watched his wife getting hammered by a black cock could not contain himself. Taking my mouth, he thrust two, three, four times then let loose, spurts of hot cum searing across my face. I lapped at him eagerly, enjoying the taste, feeling his knees collapse against the edge of the bed as he fought to stay standing.

"I'm close to cumming" Michael grunted out between thrusts.

"I want you to come" I responded.

He pushed into me one last time and stilled, the pleasure of his orgasm too intense to keep moving. With a moan, he pumped his seed deep inside, his cock jerking, his jaw clenched and his expression twisted in painful ecstasy.

Michael showered, dressed and prepared to leave. It was difficult saying good-bye to him. I admired him not only for his delicious black cock and his fucking expertise, but also because of the person he was - gentle, considerate and obviously a male who loved and appreciated women. I felt we had built a connection in the short time we had known each other. My Master described it as a strange type of camaraderie. Whatever it was, it was hard to let go of.

I wondered if our paths would cross again.