6 Mar 2015

Ok I’ve ben in the life for a long time but have never desired to write a story about my adventures until now.

This is the when all the stars lined up for me in Sydney.


An ad on SH said that a couple was going to Club X tonight for some fun so I decided to go. They showed up right on time. She was a very cute somewhat larger lady. She was dressed to play in a miniskirt, stockings and heels. The came in and sat in one of the middle rows. There were about 6-7 guys in the theater. All the guys gave them plenty of space to get comfortable. The started kissing and then she spread her legs so her BF could het to and play with her pussy. She was really enjoying this. Soon one guy sat next to her and she soon after started to play with his cock. She then started sucking her BF’s cock and playing with the other guy’s at the same time. She then pulled off all of her top and skirt, got something out of her bag to kneel on and got on her knees to suck cock. Any cock. All cock. She announced that she was open for business and wanted guys to cum on her face (very pretty with glasses), tits or stockings. She also said she had a bet going and did not want to loose (I imagine the bet was how many loads she would take).

Now this is where it got really interesting. In walk another couple. They looked about 30ish. She was in a skirt and boots. They took a seat in the back and was looking at all the action and you could tell she was interested. After awhile they moved down to the front row where everything was going on. They kissed for awhile before she took her mans cock out and started sucking on it. In between sucking she would look at all the other cock in the room But no one was allowed to touch her. They were there to see and be seen only (which is great).

As more guys started getting sucked from girl #1 I felt it was my time and went up to her. She asked me where would I like to shoot (I love polite girls) and I said her face and glasses. She got back on her knees and made the perfect target for me and I soon shoot my load all over her face covering her glasses also.

Couple #2 was vey interested in this and I think it got them going as she TOLD her man to get between her lags and suck her. He did and she was rreally enjoying this.

In the meantime girl #1 said that anyone who wanted to shoot had about 20 minutes left before then left. That got everyone going and she was able to get another 4-5 loads.


Arraigned with a guy from SW to pick him and his GF up. I did and they got into the back seat. She was an absolutely stunning Asian girl with perky tits and a fantastic smile. He had bubbly for her and after about 5 minutes of driving they were in heavy kissing mode. He then had her firm tits out (no bra needed here) and was sucking on them. He then spread her legs to show me the stockings and suspenders she had on. She began to give him the best wet BJ you could imagine with her red lips. I was watching all of this through my mirror. I then drove to Centennial Park and pulled over in a secluded area. He then put her on her back and began to lick her smooth pussy. She was loving it and asking for more and more until she came. This is when he slid his cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her. She again was moaning. At this point I was stroking my cock as I was rock hard. She grabbed my hand as he was fucking her so this was my clue that I could do more than just watch. I started rubbing her tits. As he continued to fuck her she reached into my lap and started stroking my cock. Then she put my cock into her mouth. It was all I could do not to cum then and there. Her mouth was so wet and soft it was amazing. She kept sucking me as he kept fucking her from behind. We both went at her for another 45 minutes in the park as people jogged by or people drove by and parked to walk their dogs.

Like I said the stars aligned up in Sydney