Written by photo_study

14 Dec 2011

Third day of fun and play – part 02

After the morning flash at the shopping centre, we had arrived back at our picnic area from a week or so before. I hadn't set out to do this part, as I'd only planned on the shopping centre bit, and had left my tripod at home. I've learnt from that and any time we are playing with Viperrix (VR) again, will definitely go better prepared. I managed to get lots of photos (nearly 800), and 10-12 min of video, but could have done lots more video if I had the tripod. Oh well, live and learn. We all still had heaps of fun.

VR had a business meeting to go to later in the day, and so was dressed in a nice business shirt (too hot for suit coat) and pants, and black leather ankle length boots. Mrs was wearing short denim skirt and a light pink top with matching heels. I suggested that they should just go for it, and strip each other slowly while I took photos. As compared to the photo shoot a week or so previous, this time Mrs took the reins and started first of all to unbutton VR's shirt. She was obviously enjoying this, and took her time, letting her finger tips run over his chest as she slowly exposed it to her eager eyes. There were a few hugs and cuddles along the way, as she delighted in nuzzling up to his chest. Once the shirt was off there was a little bit of mutual cuddling and butt cheek fondling. Next it was VR's turn to do the undressing, and Mrs' top came off fairly quickly. She had already removed her bra in the car in preparation for flashing the truck (see previous story), so in no time at all she was topless. They then spent a few minutes with some more cuddles, and some kissing, all the while VR's hands were exploring my wife's body – mostly focussing on caressing her naked breasts, but also letting a hand wander under the hem of her skirt, lightly touching her pussy lips, which were already starting to moisten with her excitement. After a couple of minutes of this he squatted down in front of her (he is a fair bit taller than she) so he could take one of her nipples into his mouth, which he then licked and sucked for another minute of two. At this point her contented moaning started, and a few words like “oh god, that feels nice” coming from time to time. She held the back of his head towards her chest, allowing him to nuzzle her tits. But after just a few more minutes she decided she wanted his pants off, and pulled away from his mouth, and started to feel his big hard cock through his pants. It wasn't long before she squatted in front of him, giving herself a direct view as she unzipped and slowly pulled down his trousers, and admiring the prominent bulge in his boxers. She had a good feel up, caressing his cock and balls through the fabric. I think she wanted him out of them, but before she got that far, he decided she should lose her skirt and get totally naked, he he stood up, and slowly unbuttoned and then took off her skirt. She was now standing totally naked in a totally public picnic area. He again found her bare pussy too irresistible, and promptly squatted back down and gave her smooth slit a thorough tongue caress. She let him do this for a few minutes but then decided she shouldn't be the only one naked, and pulled away. Again she squatted in front of him and slowly pulled down his boxers, his hard cock springing out and almost slapping her in the face as the fabric dropped low enough. She was only inches away from it, and took hold immediately. She stroked it up and down a little, and caressed his balls with one hand. She then took the boxers all the way so VR was also now naked in public. Meanwhile, of course, I was shooting lots and lots of photos. She played with his cock in her hands for a minute or two, and then holding the shaft in one hand and continuing to gently stroke his cock, she moved her face toward him, opened her mouth and I saw and got great photos of her pink wet tongue darting out to lick his balls. She ran her tongue all around them, and then slowly slid her way along his cock. Together they moved back towards the picnic table so VR could rest back on it. Then, in no time at all, with his cock in one hand and balls in the other, my beautiful wife opened her mouth and started to take his hardness inside. It looked awesome. She sucked and licked primarily the head of his cock for a minute or two, then slowly slid her mouth as far down his length as she could – and she made it almost all the way. It was definitely “deep throat” stuff!! VR looked like he was in ecstasy, and I'm sure he was. He was certainly making sounds of distinct satisfaction. After another couple of minutes alternating deep sucking and head and ball licking, I ordered a change of position. Mrs now laid on her back on the picnic table with her head off the end, and I motioned to VR to move in and slide his cock back into my wife's mouth. That position afforded a fantastic view as I was able to watch and photograph his cock disappearing down her throat. In this position she was able to take his full length, and he began slowing sliding in and out, gently fucking her mouth. VR briefly leaned forward over her to get into a 69 position so her could lick her pussy while she continued to suck his cock. A few more minutes of this went by before I again ordered a change of position, and got Mrs to roll over onto her back on the picnic table, with her gorgeous butt right at the edge. She knew what we (all) wanted, and eagerly spread her legs as he moved in. I got him to start gently and slowly, just allowing the tip of his cock to touch her opening, and rub it up and down along her pussy lips and around her clit. I got plenty of great shots of this, and then indicated he should take it further. I watched and took photos as, for the first time, VR's cock slowly entered my wife's dripping wet hot pussy, opening her lips as he slid inside. In that position VR was also able to watch as his cock disappeared into her smooth pussy. Mrs moaned in delight and pleasure as she was filled with his cock. I didn't realise it at the time, but even though it was quite a warm day, her nipples were almost rock hard and erect with the transmitted pleasure of being fucked for the first time, out in a totally public place, by VR. She'd touched, felt, caressed, licked and sucked his cock before, but this was the first time he had entered her vagina. Over the next 20 minutes or so I alternated between using my high end D-SLR to capture high res shots, including some extreme closeups, as well as my video camera to record all the humping thumping writing action, and associated moans and squeals of delight as VR variously slid in and out slowly, or banged her hard and fast. She loved it all. And I loved watching and recording it. VR was great with her, making sure she was OK with what was happening, making sure she was comfortable. After about 10 minutes of fucking her on her back or sitting up on the edge of the picnic table, VR got her to stand up (and she was only barely able to do it, she was so lost in the extreme sensations of the experience) and turn around and bend over the picnic table. He then proceeded to fuck her again from behind, while at the same time caressing and playing with her naked breasts, adding to the stimulation her hot little body was experiencing. Finally they drew apart, because it was approaching time for VR to head off to his business meeting. They would otherwise have both continued to fuck for quite a while longer. Neither was really ready to stop because they were enjoying it so much, but realistically, Mrs was probably getting a little tired and in need of a short break. But, even on the way home shortly later, she said thanks to me for organising it, and allowing her to have such fun, and that she really wants to fuck VR again as soon as we can find a mutually agreeable date and time. VR, once again, thanks for being a great third to our fantasy.