Written by gregparry

20 Nov 2013

Conferences are always a place where you tread a fine line between professionalism and partying...

I was enjoying this conference full of activities and meeting some great partners and customers, generally having a great time, but one girl in particular had caught my eye. We had been separated in to groups for team building activities and as luck would have it, we were in the same group. The weather was perfect and the activities outdoors in the sun, happy camper! She was wearing particularly short shorts and a singlet top, her terrific little size six body squeezed in to both items beautifully. I was thinking, as I enjoy the view of her pert arse jumping around in front of me during the activities, that she must have been the wife and business partner of one of the delegates, so completely off limits, so I just enjoyed the view...

After a day and a half of flirty chats and subtle glances at one another, the gala dinner comes around and we are all dressed up ready for a solid night of great food and drinking. She turned up looking stunning in a green dress that hugged her butt and accentuated her eyes, needless to say I was going to make a point of letting her know how good she looked. After dinner we gradually made our way closer to each other across the room and eventually started talking with one another and working out 'availabilities', as it turns out she was single and had been as keenly observing me as I had been of her!

Over the next hour she was being continually approached by a lot of the guys at the dinner, so I suggested that it might be worthwhile finding somewhere more quite where she won't be harassed so much, which she thought was a great idea and suggested her room....so back we went to her room...no sooner were we in the door than we were grabbing at each other and kissing passionately, running our hands over each other's butts and chests and fumbling for zips and buttons.

I slid her green dress down to the floor exposing her tight little black briefs and matching strapless bra, I unclipped the bra and it fell away and I kissed my way down to her nipples taking them between my teeth, sucking them deeply in to my mouth as my hands slid down her back and in to her briefs sliding over the smooth skin of her ass. Sliding my hands down further I proceeded to slide her briefs to the floor and start kissing down her fit, toned tummy mmmm

She lifted her leg to slip the briefs off and with one hand I held her butt cheek firmly and with the other I slid it down the back of the raised leg as I kissed down the inside of her thigh to her knee. I pulled her backward by her butt on to the bed and slid my hand around to her flat tummy and lay her back on the bed as I moved my kisses back up her smooth inner thigh and licked up next to her clean smooth pussy lips. I then went to the opposite knee and start kissing and sucking my way up the inside of her other thigh, then licking up the other side of her warm pussy lips. I kept kissing, licking and sucking the soft skin around her pussy as I gradually worked my way more closer and licked up each pussy lip then right between her wet lips flicking her clit as I reached the top. Sliding my mouth back down over her lips, I then sucked the left lip in to my mouth and slid a finger deep in to her wet pussy wriggling it around and rubbing the top of the inside of her hot pussy.

She then pulled me up on to the bed and quickly reached for my rock hard cock and directed it straight for her mouth where she tried to slide her mouth as far down my shaft as it would go first suck mmm I went straight back to sucking on her pussy lips and sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy, pulling her pussy lips apart so I could stick my tongue in and tongue fuck her as deeply as I could. I was on top of her as she started trying to suck me deeper and deeper in to her mouth she started grabbing at my arse and trying to force my cock deeper into her throat, I could feel the pressure on her throat with ever push she was making, she quickly pulled my cock out and with desperation in her voice told me to fuck her throat, so as I continued to suck her clit in to my mouth I started fucking her mouth and throat as if I were fucking a pussy. I could feel my knob popping through to her throating with every thrust and her pussy was tightening on my three fingers like a pulse, juices flowing out like a stream from her pussy, I was trying to cover my hand and mouth and face with as much of the hot juices as I could. I could feel nails in my arse cheeks as she encouraged me to keep fucking her throat hard until eventually she pushed me off and told me to fuck her pussy hard. As I moved around and rubbed my wet cock on her swollen clit and up and down her slit, I said 'I want you to taste your pussy on my mouth, I want you to lick your pussy off my face', I leant forward and kissed her deeply and my cock slid all the way in to her with one smooth movement. I pulled one of her legs up to her chest and ground against her clit as I slid my hard shaft in and out letting my knob pop out every now and again and rub it up and down her wet lips, then slip right back in to her hot dripping pussy. She was kissing me deeply and licking my lips and face telling me how good her pussy tasted on me, with that I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and straddled her, grabbing the back of her head and pushing my cock deep in to her mouth, holding her head firmly I squeezed my knob popping in to the back of her throat and said 'suck your pussy off my cock', letting my knob pop out of her throat she grabbed my balls with one of her hands and furiously sucked on my cocks trying to stick her tongue out and lick my balls.

I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head back and rolled her over sliding my cock, wet from her saliva, over her ass cheek and down to meet her pussy again. Pulling her head back to create a beautiful curve in her back I slid my cock in as she wrapped her legs around me, I pumped hard and let go of her head, as it fell down she reached back and grabbed my hands and we gripped each other tightly as I felt her pussy tightening around my cock again, like it was swelling. I pushed her legs together positioning my legs on the outside of hers and lifted her bum slightly and kept pumping in to her and could feel juices oozing out of her pussy with each pump. I couldn't take it any longer pulling out and cuming over her little arse and back, I wanked my cock to get every drop out moving up her back dripping cum along the way. I then rubbed my knob in the cum on her back and slid my wet knob and cum down her butt and top of her legs.

I lay down beside her and we kept kissing and grabbing each others butts, I was getting my cum all over my fingers and then rubbing it on her nipples and feeding them to her. She was sucking my fingers hard, then I would kiss her again and ran my fingers through the cum again sliding my cummy fingers to her clit and rubbing them over her swallen clit, I then brought my fingers back to her mouth and she sucked my cum and her pussy juices from my fingers again.

We lay there for hours talking and kissing, having a giggle about some of the people at conference and how we didn't expect anyone hot to be attending and there we found ourselves completely devouring one another...successful conference!