Written by shanemichaels

4 Dec 2011

Ros and I have been seeing each other for about 18 months, she would visit my place and we would fuck all night and off Ros would go next day. Ros is divorced and until we met hadn't had a guy in years. Now I'm one of those guys who likes to try something different every time with the ladies. Right from the beginning Ros has been open to my experimenting sexually with her. Now she has these great tits that could keep me satisfied for weeks on end and just loves them being sucked and nipples tweaked. Ros is also like a waterfall, one of the wettest women I've ever had the pleasure of. I do enjoy a good wet cunt and Ros provides me with all the fluids to sustain me through the night. So no problem in getting my cock deep inside of that hot pussy any old time I like. Ros does like me fucking her on her back and once those legs have opened up a good long hard banging makes her cum all the more. One little trick I taught Ros from our 1st night in bed was taking the finger/s in her pussy. Now Ros had no idea that my fingers are attached to my hand, which is attached to my arm. So lets take one hot wet pussy, a naughty probing set of fingers and wamo! I stretched that cunt until half my hand was inside her. Now here's something I have learn't, the hotter and more excited a woman gets the more juices flow. Another thing Ros has learnt was she is that is a squirter. Geez a man has to wash the sheets after a night with her, the woman flows! Sliding that hand up her pussy harder and faster brings loud screams of cumming and juices of an unknown origin all over the place. Yes I do love to lap up those juices to so I'm all for it. As I said we have been fucking on a semi-regular basis for some 18 months and of course by now Ros has gotten used to my little tricks so to speak. Now I can give her my whole fist up her cunt, both lying on her back (kitchen bench works best!) and more recently I got her to the table , spread her legs and came around the back and crouched behind her and began the whole fisting motion while she stood there. Now here's a funny thing, Ros can take my complete fist down to my wrist like this and loves it so much she stands and squat fucks my arm like some possessed nympho. Yes she loves it so much, I'm sure nothing else matters to her in that state. We're working on her arse next, so far 2 fingers and she's squirming, my plan is to fuck her arse with my cock before we move onto bigger and better things. I've finally convinced her to have a 3some with another guy. She had a friend but he's sort of pulled out, seems he can only fuck her when he's drunk. Now that just won't work, we need a sober hard man/men for my planned weekend of sexual perversion. Ros has accepted the fact 2 guys will fuck her on an away weekend, she has no idea of my plans to DP her pussy, arse, mouth and full her with hot sticking cum. Once she is accepting of this them onwards and upwards. Couples swapping and 4somes, maybe off to a swingers party so my little Ros can get everything she deserves and more.