Written by ntdom71

31 Dec 2010

Dont know if this counts as dogging as there was noone watching us. Had been chatting to a lady online for a couple of days and last night at about 1030 she said she wanted to meet. Her place no good, nor was mine. She suggested we go out to the Townsville Dam. Cool I thought. So I picked her up outside her place and we drove down to the dam. We pulled up in the dark, then started kissing. I pushed her shirt n bra down and sucked on her tits while stroking her pussy thru her tights. Soon, she pulled her shirt off and gave me better access, then her bra. She had great tits, I was sucking like a demon and she was pushing into me. Then, I put my hand down her pants and felt a beautiful smooth, wet pussy, very nice. I fingered her for a while, the when she knelt on the pass chair n bent over to suck on my cock i pulled her pants down and quickly got 2 then 3 fingers inside her. She was bucking and groaning by now, and her moth felt great on my cock. I got 4 fingers in her and my thumb in her ass when i felt my cum geting ready to blow. She just sucked harder, fucking herself on my hand. I blew heaps and she swallowed down every drop, licking me clean afterwards.

The best Thursday night I have had in a long time!!