Written by Mark

1 Jul 2017

Hi all just a little story of what happened to me one night. I separated from my wife and what with all the bills thought I would start Uber driving to help with cash flow. I mainly do Friday and Saturday nights around the Gold Coast, anyway last Saturday night I pick up a group of 5 ladies and 1 guy, they had been drinking already and laughing and joking, along with some out of tune singing. 4 of the ladies were early 20's, attractive, short skirts or dress with low cut tops. Clearly dressed to impress and I certainly wasn't complaining. The other lady was early 50's and the guy was in his 60's, they were not together but it just so happened to be both there birthdays. The lady, I will call Julie sat in the front passenger seat and the guy I will call Terry sat in the middle of the back seat, between the young girls.

Julie said to me that they were talked into going out by the young girls but she didn't think her and Terry would be out long, she said the girls planned to go nightclubbing and that wasn't there scene. Anyway, we arrived at the pub and dropped them all off, told them to have fun and that's when Julie said, I hope you will pick us up later, with a smile on her face. I said I do too but it's luck of the draw. Have fun and you never know.

I carried on driving, picking up fares and I was close to the pub where I dropped Julie off and the Uber alert sounded for a fare, I accepted and I saw Julie come up as the person to collect. I hoped it was the Julie I dropped off but what are the chances......I pulled up and no one was there, so I rang the number, it rang for a few rings and Julie answered, I said I was outside. She came out 2 minutes later and if was the Julie I dropped off and she was with Terry. They both jumped in and said thank god for that, the girls were crazy, downing shots and being way to rowdy for them. They were going back to Julie's house for a night cap, so we were talking on the way, Julie in the front as before and Terry in the back. Julie told me how she was divorced and hadn't had a boyfriend for a few years, Terry piped up and said that's a shame, after all your a good looking lady. She blushed and said thank you, how about you Terry, you married, he said no, divorced for 15 years and had very little in the way of women for a long time. Julie said maybe we can help each other out, it is our birthdays after all! Terry's eyes lit up like a young boy and he said your on! We pulled up at Julie's house, Terry jumped and Julie said, do want to join us for a nightcap to? I thought why not, so turned the cat off and jumped out, following Julie and Terry to the front door.