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Published 11 years ago
Tara was a backpacker from Colorado I met at the local watering hole. She had this aura about her, that was to me, nothing short of enticing. In an attempt to impress, I was at my charming best. Tara told me she was traveling with a friend who was in hospital, so was stuck in town for a couple of days. It was weird, as sexy as Tara was, I didn't feel the inclination to want sex with her. Her personality won me over and all I could think of doing with her was getting to know her, kissing and hugging. We had a great night at the pub and on closing I escorted Tara back to her lodgings, a YHA Hostel. At the door we had our first kiss, many actually, another backpacker in passing told us to 'get a room'. After this comment Tara said she be happy to invite me in on the understanding there would be no sex. She confessed to me she was a virgin and was 'saving' herself for marriage. Her room was spartan, two single beds with a sleeping bag on one, a small set of drawers and somewhere to hang clothes. We sat on a bed and chatted. In natural progression the conversation got around to her virginity. Tara just turned 24 and nearly married a guy, but ended it when she found out he was screwing another girl. The holiday in Australia was to get over him. I discovered she had never done anything sexually except self masturbation, safe zone fondling and dry humping. To cut a long story short, we later found ourselves turning each other on immensely with lips locking and hands wandering. Tara became willing to explore some sexual pursuits on the guarantee there would be no penetration. With gentle kisses up her thighs I found myself smelling her very sweet virgin pussy. Tara responded by opening her legs wider at my tongue darting into the folds of her lips. My touch caused Tara to moan softly. Delving deeper I tickled her virgin hole, played with her inner lips and found her hardened clit. My tongue expertly played with her pussy and her body tensed as she approached climax. Soon she convulsed in a series of incredibly satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced in her life. I moved up the bed with my rock hard cock and after Tara caught her breath she took hold of me ever so gently, almost scared to squeeze. Tara confessed she had never felt a cock in the flesh before and didn't know what to do. I coached Tara in the art of giving a hand job before suggesting she give me a head job. Tara was reluctant and I pointed out I did go down on her, so it would only be fair to reciprocate. She grabbed my manhood and licked my knob like one would gingerly tasting an ice-cream. She tasted my precum and asked what it was. She said she enjoyed the taste. As a willing student, she complied when I told her to kiss and lick my cock all over, to use one hand to play with my balls. When she got good at it I then told her to wrap her lips around my knob, to use her tongue like I did on her clit. It didn't take long before Tara took as much of me as she could into her mouth, being inexperienced sometimes gagging when I hit the back of her throat. She got into a rhythm sucking me and soon I was ready to cum. I told her I was about to blow and she stopped to look at my cock in anticipation. I told her she had to keep sucking me and swallow my load. With this she resumed sucking me and I exploded in her mouth. When she got the taste of my cum she opened her mouth and it flowed down my shaft. Tara coughed and spat out the remainder. From her reaction it was obvious she didn't like the taste. Tara's friend got out of hospital that morning and they left town late afternoon, Tara's virginity intact, but not without a couple of first's to remember :) .

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