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3 min
Published 2 years ago
I walked through the side gate to see Sam in her swimmers in the spa, so I stripped naked and joined her in the spa where we chatted for awhile until Pete joined us. He stood at the edge of the spa so Sam could suck his cock while I started to pull her swimmers down and play with her boobs. Sam stopped sucking Pete's cock so she could take her swimmers right off and then we get out of the spa and went to the bedroom. Sam layed down on the bed and both us guys layed either side of her and started to grope her boobs and body. I then went down between Sam's legs and started to lick her hot pussy for abit while Pete was kissing her until she wanted someone to fuck her and seeing Pete was nice and hard he went down and slid his hard cock into Sam's wet and waiting pussy and fucked her until she was morning and groaning. I had positioned myself next to Sam's head so she could suck my cock while Pete was fucking her. Pete stopped fucking her and left the room to get a drink so I positioned myself between her legs and started to rub my cock up and down her wet pussy lips for abit until I slid it into her slowly starting to slide it in and out of her. I started to fuck her harder and faster as Pete walked back into the room. Sam was moaning and groaning by this stage and as her pussy started to clench around my hard cock she started to squirt everywhere which was so hot and as she calmed down I pulled out to give her a quick break. Pete enjoyed what he had just seen and heard that he jumped on top of Sam and slid straight into her very wet pussy and fucked her and got her to squirt some more until he couldn't take it anymore and blew in her. So the three of us just layed on the bed for abit until Sam started to play with my cock and saying she would love some more but seeing I was struggling to get hard at the time and Pete was still hard she jumped on top of his hard cock and started to ride him, I stood next to her playing with her boobs while she rode him hard. Then she let out another moan and groan and squirted again until she was exhausted and fell of him and landed on the bed next to him where they just layed quietly trying to get their breathe back so I just went and layed on the other side of Sam. After abit Pete got up and said he needed a drink and smoke and started to leave the room, Sam quickly said to him thats ok aslong as it was ok that I could fuck her while he was gone and he said that was fine. With that I got up on the bed and kneeled next to her and started to stroke myself while playing with one of her boobs, she slid her hand between my legs and started to play with my ass. She placed one finger at my ass and pushed it in and started to finger my ass which got me hard in no time, I stopped straight away and pulled away from her finger and went straight between her legs and slid my hard cock into her and slowly started to fuck her again. She was moaning and groaning again in no time and god she felt great, then I could feel her pussy clenching around my hard cock and she started squirting and thats when Pete just walked back into the room so I just kept fucking her hard and she kept squirting for abit. She eventually stopped squirting but I just kept fucking her until I couldn't handle the feel of her awesome pussy and just pulled out and blew all over her stomach. That was the end of another enjoyable session with Pete and Sam.

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