Written by cometwo

23 Aug 2010

We had climbed into the back seat of the car and he fucked me hard and deep and all I could do was keep my legs wide apart and feel that real beaut meat thrust inside of my pussy. I could feel our pubics rubbing together and that gave me more of a heated pussy while he drove deeper. He never had a condom and the sensation was lovely skin on skin when he blew his hot cum deep inside of me. Wow that was great. We slowly dressed and talked about how nice that fuck session was then I got back behind the wheel heading up the freeway. We finally arrived at his Umina flat when he asked me inside for a coffee. When we had our coffee I just wanted more of him so I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed passionately with tongues slipping inside each others soft mouth. He took me into his bedroom and we undressed again and slid under the sheets touching and rubbing bodies together. he had such a massive cock and love juice flowed out nicely as I sucked his hairy cock. I wrapped my right hand around his balls and he slid his fingers up inside my very wet cunt....that made me very horny again so I asked him to put his cock inside me and fuck me hard. It felt so nice as he responded to my commands. I sat on his big hard cock and thrust my hips into him as his cock sliced me wide open with extreme orgasm as our bodies slapped against eachother. He made me cum several times and I was on a high with not a care in the world. I decided it was time to drive home to Gosford an see what was in store for me. When I drve into the garage at home the place was in darkness and my liitle poodle came out to greet me. he could sense and smell the cum between my legs because my Umina lover never wore a condom. He just shot his cum inside of me before I left to go home. slowly walked down the passage to our bedroom when I noticed my husband was in bed. It was about 2am and he was sound asleep. As I climbed into the bed he woke and said "where have you been". I replied; to Umina. He just put his arm around me and started to fondle my breasts and stomach down to my crotch. I turned my back to him and I was surprised when he felt my hot wet spunky pussy so he started to push his fingers inside of me saying you are really wet just then he slipped his pushed his hard long cock inside of me from behind. My Umina lover fucked me from behind and my hubby was doing the same and it didnt feel as good as my Umina lover but I tolerated it because I just love cock inside of me. He thrusted deep inside of me

and I could feel his hard cock shaking inside of me just like it had been an hour earlier at the hawkesbury river carpark and the Umina bed. I could not help myself from thinking of my Umina lover as my hubby pushed his hard cock inside of me. I wanted to cry out with passion and call my lovers name but I had to keep that quiet. I have had another fuck with a friend of my hubbys and that was also very nice. My husband does not know what I had done and I am shy to tell him for fear of hurting his feelings. Ladies and Gents what would you do????