Written by cometwo

23 Aug 2010

Last month my husband and I had an argument in Sydney when he said he will catch the train home because he pissed off and I could drive home on my own. As he went to walk out another bloke heard him say he was catching the train back to Gosford so this nice looking guy who was abricklayer asked me if he could have a lift home. I was so intense with rage I said why not come and get in the car. As I was driving home on the freeway still in rage from our argument this young bloke asked me if he could help with talking about it. ust then he placed his hand on my left leg as I drove and did I get a sex sensation run up my inner thighs and wow I could feel my juices getting hot in my crotch. He then kept his hand on my leg and started rubbing my thigh which made me extremelly embarrassed because I had just left my husband behind. He encouraged me not to worry all he was interested in was to help me through the night until we got home to Umina. His hands were soft and warm as he placed them under my skirt and he pushed further into my crotch pulling my pants aside so he could feel my hot cunt. I was aving difficult driving so when we got to Hawkesbury bridge I turned off and drove to the carpark and pulled up. He apologised for being so forward...BUT I just grabbed at his clean shaven face and kissed him deeply thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. He did the same and started to carress my breast lifting my bra and taking them off. I felt so horny I didnt give a fuck about my husband and what had happened all I wanted was to feel close to this spunky young guy with a massive lump in his pants. I stroked his lump as he stroked my breasts and pussy and it felt just like magic. No longer did I feel intense with anger....I was intense with wonderful sexual feelings wanting to have this young stud fuck me deep with his long thick hard cock that was bulging in his trousers. I reached for his belt and undid his pants and pulled them off. We both undressed our bottom clothing being naked exposing our lovely hairy sex parts ready to fuck. He pushed his fingers down inside my cunt and it felt so goooood I just wanted more of him. I stroked his thick cock and could feel cumm on the end of his cock. That made me even more hornier. He reached back on his seat and rolled the front seat way back and I climbed over the console sitting on top of his strong thick cock. It just slipped right into me and it made me feel all women as he lifted his body in thrusting motions I could not believe. He made me feel so good I shot my cum all over his stiff cock as it dripped down his crotch to soak amongst his balls. I placed my fingers there and felt the wetness. We continued our journey and did it again when we got him home. More to cum later.