Written by Jameseryos

24 Mar 2017

Another author's true story got me going, it reminded me of a time I met a girl on 3nder, its an apps for 3somes. We chatted for a bit and she was going off to meet a couple at a local bar. Then about 10pm on Sunday night, it was winter too, I get a msg from her and she says that the female of the couple got cold feet and walked out of the pub...

She messaged me because she was totally horny and although she wanted to eat pussy, she was willing to compromise. She told me to meet her at a service station on South Rd to confirm we were who we said we were, then she made me follow her up into the southern foothills....she seemed to know her way around in the pitch dark!

We pulled up in some dark carpark...I can't tell you where as I can't remember, but she got out and sat in the back seat of my car, I was hoping she'd flop over my bonnet..

She was a bit bigger than me and pushed me down into the back seat and straddled me - I went straight for her pussy and she was pantyless and my fingers surprisngly slide straight into her.

Within two minutes she was pushing her hands against the ceiling of the car and screaming in delight as a hot white discretion sprayed past my fingers and onto my pants. She whipped down my pants and nearly before I could slip on my johnny she was riding me. I only had a small hatchback and she was bouncing the suspension up and down very hard, I kept worrying if I had applied the handbrake! BUt before I could worry, she must have anchored her feet and squeezed her hips into me really tightly and I cummed all over the place....she whipped off the franga and sucked down on me...I didn't have a drop to clean off....after we finished she mentioned she was married and I never saw her again...