Written by pud17

27 May 2011

The freedom of walking around the house dressed like a slut, waiting for a new cock to walk in the door.

I was standing at his 21st, my breasts were out enough to be sexy and I was getting the reactions myself and my partner A were hoping. With a drink in each hand, a bug flew down my breasts. Letting out one of those pathetic little noises we make when an unwanted visitor was creeping down your cleavage. L saw and grinned, I asked him to get it out for me. His hand was about to go in and get the offender when he looked over to A, stopped and said “I’d love to but can’t do that” I knew I had him. I hadn’t thought about fucking L before but there was something in his grin, a challenge I was going to have the pleasure of winning.

A and I had talked about the night, what fun we could find. A 21st is not the place for a 46 year old couple to play. Flirt and test the waters for another night when I could be a real slut, yes. I was getting so horny and wet, all these young bucks I could treat to a nice fuck.

Getting naked, climbing in the back of the Ute into the swag A was hard, whispering about who we could have gone home with and had some group fun. A couple our age was hovering and we were all flirting, she was sitting so close to me. It would not have taken much to have given the men in our lives some bitch on bitch fun. Not tonight.

Finally, some hands on my breasts, A’s hard cock was finding my wet hot cunt, he was whispering in my ear “you love it you bitch, letting all those cocks stare at your tits” Fuck yeah, as much as he does. His hard cock just slipped in my cunt, normally it would take a little more than that he’s bigger than the average cock. “Oh fuck, feel you” was his moan. Gently fucking me while people were getting in their cars and leaving, walking past the Ute. I can’t believe how excited I was thinking that they could see us. That was a first for me, yumm. My breasts were out for all to see, the night air on my body was refreshing. So much for behaving myself and not being a slut for all to see!

In the morning I still had that delicious cock between my legs. Most of the party goers had gone, a few swags with bodies in them passed out from a great night. A needed to finish of what he started before we fell asleep. Pumping my cunt pushing deep, I had no choice but to moan out loud. There was a young buck close to us asleep in the back of his Ute. He had his back to us but soon rolled over, pretending to still be asleep. My breasts were out and nipples hard, I had no intention of covering up. He was watching and we were loving it. My cunt was feeling so good being fucked just the way I love it, deep and slow. Desperate for an orgasm, I was holding off. I make way too much noise. A’s cock throbbed inside me and his cum filled my wet cunt, I love the intense feeling of his body and look in his eyes when he is shooting his load.

Time to get dressed, help with the clean up and get that coffee we needed so bad. I had a dress on, no knickers. I never ware knickers under a dress, hate to miss the opportunity of A just walking by and sticking his fingers in my cunt or his cock. His cum was running down my legs and my cunt was so fucking hungry. Fuck I needed to masturbate!

L was coming over in a few weeks to stay for work. 2 nights of 2 cocks in the house I couldn’t wait. I had told A about the bug in my breast, he loved it and was as excited as me about what was going to happen when Luke was here. I was in the kitchen getting tea ready when his car pulled up. Dressed with jeans and a T shirt, A came over kissed me and undid my shirt buttons more. My breasts were almost out, I loved it. A walked out the front door while L was knocking on the back door. A is a clever man, he knows how to let me greet a new cock. I was so excited I was shaking a little. I called out to L to come in, kept working at the kitchen bench. He was standing opposite me. Glued to my breasts, a huge smile on his face blushing just a little. We exchanged the general “how are you” chit chat L was in no hurry to leave the kitchen and find A. This was going to be a good night.

Starting off slowly a meal, few drinks and some gentle touches on his body as we moved around the house. I was getting impatient, shower time. What should I ware? I decided that my dressing gown with the buttons undone to my waist was the best choice. The slut gear could wait for now. I came out and L was washing the dishes (wow) I walked over saying the he didn’t need to do that. He stood back so I could stand in front of him. Just L and I in the kitchen now was the time to ask if he’d like to play with me. I put my hands on his waist, pushing my body on his. He looked toward the lounge “fuck yes, but what about A” As usual with his perfect timing A walked into the kitchen smiling. “Mate, she loves it. Fuck her it’s ok” Now L was nervous and excited.

We went outside for a smoke, I had my 2 cocks sitting there waiting for something to start. A said “come here you sexy little bitch and suck my cock” I got up out of my seat, his cock was hard in his hand waiting for my mouth to swallow it. I love sucking cock, taking as much as I can in my mouth I was groaning. He was leaning back enjoying every movement on his shaft. L was watching me moving around in his chair loving it. Now it was L turn, I stood up moved over and undid his jeans. What did he have in there for me? Fuck I couldn’t wait. Very nice, hard and a little pre cum on his knob. I couldn’t wait to taste that. He leaned back in the chair letting me gently run my tongue down his shaft then swallowing his cock all the way down my throat. My mouth was watering, I held his balls and pushed all his cock in my mouth swallowing and sucking. I stood up looking at my 2 cocks, grinned and sat down for my smoke. L asked me if he could use my lighter, I could not believe what came out of my mouth “yes, if you come here and eat my pussy”. I spread my legs putting them over the arms of the chair. He didn’t hesitate, walked over dropped to his knees putting his hands under my butt lifting me so he could plunge his tongue inside my wet pussy. Licking my clit he slid his fingers inside me and began fingering me beautifully. Wow what a good boy, he was enjoying this we all were. He stood up got my lighter sitting back down. A was grinning at me “you lucky little bitch.” Absolutely!

Back into the house A lay on the lounge, I grabbed L asked him to lie on the floor I needed to ride his cock. I took my dressing gown off standing over him, pulled down his jeans leaving that delicious cock there for me to hold in my hand groaning with anticipation of how it was going to feel in my cunt. Fuck I was wet, dripping wet. I sat slowly and took all his cock in my cunt feeling his shaft slide in. Anthony was watching me, I reached out for him to join us. “No, give L a good fucking.” I loved him watching me, starting to move faster slapping my butt on Luke’s body I ripped his shirt off. MMM rubbing my hands on his chest he grabbed my tits. He couldn’t wait to hold them. Sitting and moving my body so I could grind his cock and feel it deep inside me his hands were all over me. Holding my arse, I leaned forward and kissed him. A was enjoying watching his princess playing with this young buck. L rolled me over, put my legs over his shoulders and slammed me hard. Watching his body over mine was exciting I was moaning loud, telling him he was a good boy for fucking me so well. Finally the orgasm I was waiting for, not him but me. My body shivered and every cunt muscles throbbed, letting out a deep groan. A knew what had just happened, I only make that noise when I’m cuming. I wanted L to fill my cunt, I could see he was close but getting a little frustrated. He stopped and said “I’m a lazy bastard, I’ll save it till later.” Bugger, I think he knew that would piss me off. He got up with a satisfied grin on his face. I could have slapped him. I loved it, the prick.

It was getting late, work the next day. I kissed L thanking him as he went to his room. A and I went to bed I was so horny begging him to fuck me. He was telling me how great it looked to see his princess fucking and loving being such a slut, his hard cock pushing up against me. “Come on baby, fuck me please.” Kissing me and holding my body tight he told me to go down the hallway and give that young cock some one on one attention. He wanted to hear me moan and enjoy myself, what a lucky bitch I am.

When I walked into L’s room he was sleeping, should I leave him? NO lifting the cover I found his cock, gently sucking it so as to wake him he smiled and put both arms above his head getting hard in my mouth. This boy was loving the attention for sure. He reached to the top of my arms, held them and pulled me up over his face, my hands were on the wall and his were holding my breasts. He tasted every part of my cunt. Pushing his tongue inside me moaning, licking up to my clit flicking and sucking oh wow I was getting so wet. Throwing me off he spread my legs and began finger fucking me fast and hard, I was so close to cumming. He turned me on my side one leg between his and the other on his shoulder his hard cock drove into my cunt. Holding my tits he was telling my how much he loved them, “mm nice firm tits” I asked him so slow down and push deep inside me so I could feel every part of his cock in my cunt begging for his cum. He smiled and said he had jerked off before he got here wanted to fill me up but it was not happening. I slapped his back and told him never to do that again, save it for me next time.

Fuck I was hungry for cum, I told him to lie down and enjoy getting a delicious head job. His hard cock in my mouth I could feel by his body he was close. I held his balls whispered in his ear how much I was enjoying every part of him. “Keep talking like that please” he said. I told him I how I couldn’t wait for his juices in my mouth feel his cock throbbing and hear his pleasure. L pushed my head down to his cock, mm filling my mouth with warm tasty cum. Oh very nice.

I stayed with him for a short time holding each other, time for me to go back to my bed and hold my man. A was sleeping but reached for me and asked “did you have a good time princess”.

What will tomorrow night bring? What a lucky horny bitch I am.