Written by tomb63

11 Jan 2012

i met sue at her work place. as i had left the work place to pursure other interests i did however, drop in from time to time to say hi to the ppl there and to chat with sue. sue and i had a bit of a thing. when we touched each others hands there was electricity between us, and one day we acted on it.

anyway this day i dropped in it was just after xmas break and sue had just cum back from her holidays in qld and she was telling us all bout it. after a while of chating to sue and the other staff i said i was going and as sue had said earlier that she was going soon i offered her a lift. now sue and i had played before and i was happy to give her a lift as i only had a few things to do before heading back out of geelong.

now it was a stinker of a day in the 40s and dry heat can really take it out of you. anyway in the car we talked bout her trip away and how we spent xmas etc. having taken sue to her next port of call i asked her how she was going to get home and if she liked id give her a lift. in the car after she had finished her visiting etc as we were driving i reached over and touched her leg. sue softly moaned so i drove past her place and up to the local range just outside of geelong. there in the car park in the heat of the day we kissed, hands exploring each other. getting out of the car looking round for a place to play, we started to climb up the track that lead to the top. this took a short while as it was so hot but we were eager to fuck it didnt matter.

leading us off the track we stopped in a small clearing bout 1/2way up and looking out we could see geelong in the distance. to hell with that view we both wanted our own views so grabbing at clothes kissing and rubbing sucking nipples and pinching them, as i undressed sue. she going for my shorts pulled them down and went for my hard cock with her hand. mmm yeah it was nice standing naked me hard and sue wet, we became entangled in a humping sweating lump of bodies. sue cam hard (as she always did) and i came soon after. but i wanted more so in the dirt in the heat we fucked again, this time i pulled out and came over sue's beautiful face.

after a short rest i said to sue, we must be fucking mad, its 40c and here we are in the heat in the sun on a range fucking. driving sue home i stopped and baught us both a cold bottle of water. the things we do ...