Written by dirtydogg9

5 Aug 2010

We'd been there only 5 minutes,my wifes male friend was on his lunch break and asked if we could meet him at his place for some fun,it was my day off work and my sexy wife was feeling the need for a good fuck!!

It was on as soon as we got into his bedroom,he stripped off out of his airforce uniform,very thick long cock with a huge head...my wife left her dress on but took her panties off and handed them to me.She started kissing her male fuckfriend holding his big cock in her hand,he had inserted his fingers into my wifes now very wet pussy,I could hear her juices with every plunge of his fingers...I had my ifone out taking pics of it all...she then sat on the edge of the bed and started giving him a good blowjob,I changed my fone to camera and started to record her sucking his cock running her tongue down his shaft then slowly back up to his head then take it all into her mouth...I was as hard n jurny by mow watching my wife sucking another cock so I dropped my pants and let my cock loose but carried on taking pics n vids.

She laid down and lifted her dress.I watched as this guy proceeded to lick my wifes pussy,her legs were wide open and you could see just how wet she really was...his tongue was flicking all over her clit making her moan I watched as he inserted two fingers into her...that was it! I needed some of this action!! I put my cock against her lips and she sucked me while her male friend licked away at her pussy..I kept recording it all the sounds and view of another guy playing with my wife was awsome I took pics of his cock going into her pussy then recorded him fucking my wife with her legs over his shoulders...seeing that big cock going in n out covered in her juices his balks slamming against her ass hole with every thrust was a truely awsum sight...I love watching my horny bitch fucking other guys n girls...he kept slamming away at her wet pussy then after a few minutes I could see him tensing up getting ready to blow...he let out a big groan and emptied himself while still inside my wifes pussy

would have to be the best lunch break he's ever had!! Lol

plan on doing this again real soon hopefully with a couple nxt time. ...si any hot n horny couples who want to join us fir some fun...mesg us lol maybe you'll be in the next story