Written by Ralph_1

23 Jun 2014

This storey is only a few months old, my wife judy and I attended the Adelaide fringe in March, we had planned a weekend away from the farm so we could forget about things for a few days.

Once in Adelaide we found our way to the motor inn that we were booked into and started making a few plans on what shows we wanted to see, but first things first we went to get a bit of lunch and enjoy the march sunshine, it had been a very warm march this year so we hoped the weekend would be something to remember.

We had a nice afternoon, and as the evening came in we set about organising what shows we would see first, we had a great night, the shows were first class, people all seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere, we met new friends as well as old friends, and just had a fantastic time on the Friday night, as the night drew to an end we made out way back to our motor inn. We got into the room, had another night cap and climbed into bed, a quick shag and called it a night.

Being away from the farm meant that we were able to sleep in, something we have never really been able to do while home. Mid morning we arose from bed, showered and went out looking for some breakfast/lunch to satisfy our hunger. As the day moved forward we were still having the time of our lives, just being apart of the whole festival thing, as the night came we knew what we wanted to see, and made our way there, this was our last night so we made the most of it, one of the shows we saw was African storeys and dancing, it was fantastic, some of it we were trying to make out what the theme was and I asked a African chap next to me if he could explain what some of it meant, he was great, he went through it all with us and it all made much more sense now. He had a friend with him, so after the show we asked him if his friend and him would like to have a drink in the bar up the street as a thank you for his help. He and his friend were only too happy to have a drink with us, and so we moved up the street to the bar, once there we sat down at a table and had a good old natter about all things, as well as what they thought of living here in Australia. After about an hour William's friend had to leave to meet other friends of his, so that just left William, Judy & myself to have a couple more drinks before the night came to an end. Judy by this time had been putting away the wine and was starting to let lose a little, then out of nowhere came " is it true you African guys like fucking white women", shit I was gob smacked. But William answered back in his polite manner, yes we like all women, but white women are a favourite. I could see a cheeky glint in Judy's eye and wondered where this night would end. I then got up to get in another round of drinks, and said to Judy that after these we should call it a night and make tracks back to our motel, judy gave me a look of, the night had only just begun.

After a little while longer, and as the drinks were almost finished, I said we should say good night to William now and thank him for a wonderful evening, William got up to say his goodbyes and then Judy said, the night is still young, and then asked william do you want to come back to our motel room for another drink, William looked over to me to see what my reaction was, and being in a bit of shock myself said yes that fine William, another drink or two wont hurt.

It was about a 10-15 minute walk back to our Moter inn and we were all a bit tipsy with the alcohol, Judy was laughing and having a good time, she walked in the middle of us both holding our hands as we made our way back to the motel. Once we got back to the room we sorted out some more drinks, and put on some music, Judy was having the time of her life, flirting a little with William, and William enjoyed the attention too.

The subject of sex came up again, and Judy asked William had he had many white women since he has lived here in Australia, William's reply was in the 10 years he has been in this country he has had one white lady, Judy said only the one, and commented on the fact that he was a very handsome guy and should be fighting them off, William just laughed and said he wished. Judy then got up to use the bathroom, and was gone about ten minutes, in that time William and I just made some small talk, and I asked him what he thought of Judy, he commented that she was a very sexy lady and I was a very lucky man. Just then Judy came back into the room and said, who's a lucky man to William, he then said I was because you are a very sexy lady Judy. Judy then went over to William and put her arm around his neck and thanked him for the nice words, he then said but its true you are very sexy. Judy then kissed him on the cheek and thanked him again. Then out of the blue she said to William, is it true that all you black men have big willies, William just smiled and said do you like big black willies. Judy then said that she had never seen one but would love to see yours, I was getting all turned on myself as I now knew what Judy had in mind, she wanted her first black cock.

William looked over to me and I gave him the nod of approval. William a little shocked stood up and in buttoned his trousers, Judy knelt down on the floor in front of him and grabbed at each side of his pants and slid them down, exposing a big black limp cock that looked about 7-8 inches limp, William didn't have on any underpants and the size of that black cock even had Judy stunned. Judy reached up and stroked at it a couple of times and asked William to sit back down again in his chair, as he sat back into the chair Judy then moved in between his long legs and started to fondle at his big soft black dick & balls. William looked again over to me and I just said, enjoy.

I was still sitting in the other arm chair watching my wife of over 20 years playing with the black cock of a stranger 15 years her junior. My cock was already straining at my pants, but I resisted removing it from my own pants for the fear of upsetting our guest. This had now become William & Judy's night, and I didn't want anything to stop the action now.

As Judy kept up her stroking and rubbing of this mans cock I could see it starting to come to life, it reminded me of a brown snake, so shiny & smooth, by now it was about half hard and looking more & more impressive. Judy then started to lick at the smallish head on this monster shaft, after a few more licks she put his knob into her mouth, William let out a small sigh as Judy sucked on the knob of this black stranger. Judy slid her mouth down the length a little farther until it rested at the back of her throat, she gagged a little slid up and then back down again, once Judy had as much in her mouth as she could take I was surprised at the amount left over, she had both hands around his shaft and as much in her mouth as she could take without gagging, and there was what looked like a 2 inch gap between her lips and hands. She was wanking at his cock now and licking at the length & knob, it must have been at almost its full length now, and how impressive it was, it would have to be close to 13 inches give or take. Judy wanked, licked & sucked at that large cock for about ten more minutes, William was rubbing the top of her head, and with the other hand squeezing at a tit, then all of a sudden Judy stood up and asked William if he could unzip her dress at the rear, she leaned over for him and he found the zip and pulled in right the way down, Judy then stood up and let it fall to the ground exposing her nakedness underneath, she must of removed her bra and knickers earlier while in the bathroom. So there she was standing naked in front of a black stranger we had only met tonight, William leaned over to feel her body and she closed her eyes and let him have a good feel, he was rubbing her tits, arms & legs, then he slid a hand between her legs and moved it up to her pussy. Judy just stood there being fondled by our guest with her eyes closed.

After what seemed like ages William stood up and put his arms around her and hugged her, the size difference was huge, William towered above Judy, her head only came to the height of his chest, but that made it easier for Judy to lick at his nipples while he in-braced her, his stiff cock pushed to one side looked like a small baseball bat. William then moved Judy over to the bed, he had her sit on the edge and then pushed her backwards so she was lying down with her bottom just on the edge of the bed and her legs spread wide with feet on the floor, he kneeled down between her legs and started to finger fuck her pussy, he would pull his fingers out and lean over for a lick of her clit for a while & then insert his fingers back in and finger fuck her again. He started off with one finger, then two then three, and keep that up for a bit longer, after some more licking he went back to using his fingers, this time he had four fingers up her and was giving her a good bit of a going over, this brought Judy to a small cum and this only made William increase the speed at pounding her pussy with his fingers. William then looked over to me and with a big smile on his face stood up, his cock looked even bigger, it was massive, he grabbed at Judy's legs behind her knees and shifted her a little more, he bent his legs slightly and positioned him self with his cock head at the wet entrance to Judy's pussy, with his right hand he held his cock and wiggled the head of it any Judy's entrance as if making sure it would fit, he slowly started inserting the knob of that monster into my wife, I looked over to Judy and she looked a little worried but still calm, a little more went in and some more again, he would push a little and then rest it there, I figured for Judy to get used to its fullness, it had been about 3 or 4 miniutes and only half of that big cock was up my sweet wife, now he had gotten to just passed the half way mark Judy's eyes were really starting to light up, even a look of fear was starting to come over her, but William was a true gentleman, he started to withdraw it again and then pushed it back to that half way mark, he continued this a few more times, and he could see Judy starting to relax more & more, once back to just passed the half way mark he rested again, this time playing with her tits, he pushed forward a little more, this time it went in a little easier again, she was getting used to the fullness now and a little more slow pushing and William had his balls up against her arse, he reared again, leaned over and kissed her on the lips and said you feel so nice and tight, thank you Judy.

He then withdrew again and pushed it back to the hilt slowly at first them picking up speed as he knew she was ok with it, Judy let out a few moans every time his balls her her arse, faster & faster the speed picked up, Judy let out a cry of pleasure as he had her cumming on that big cock, she came again & again, and William started to really hammer away at her, his eyes when all white and scary like as he let out a screem of his own, the both of them were making so much noise I thought the police might be called, he was grunting now like a wild beast and I could sense he was filling my sweet wife Judy's cunt up with his cock cream, but he kept pumping away after most men would of fell in a heep, then Judy started cumming again, he continued pumping her cunt until she had finished cumming, he lay there on top of her for a couple of miniutes, both of them well spent. I was thinking to myself that he dumped cum into an area deep up her pussy that no man had ever reached before, and no man was likely to reach again. Once they started moving again, I watched as he withdrew that big brown monster from my wife, it was so wet and slimey looking with both of there love juices over it.

William asked if he could have a shower, dressed and we all said our good byes, we have his phone number but as yet have never made contact. This was Judy's first black cock, and it was also the biggest cock she has ever entertained to date.