Written by Hubby

28 Jan 2016

Just a quick bit of background , after many years of trying unsuccessfully trying to get my wife Sam to get some cock on the side ( with my permission ) , she constantly refused .

the more I tried , the more she refused , until the time it finally happened at a resort we were at ( see "the night it finally happened 11 August 2015) .

Well , I have since come up with another way to "accidentally make things happen".

so our anniversary was coming up and as we have been married for some time we pretty much have everything we need , so I put a little three piece scheme together.

Here is what I did ; we have not been having a lot of sex at home , (this worked on the previously mentioned event) , so I bought her , a voucher to have her hair done , then I got another voucher for one of them Glamour shoots , you know the ones , where they supply hot sexy dresses and all sorts of sexy gear , and I had talked her into wearing some very naughty knickers and thigh high stockings .

She was nervous and said she did not want to do it ,I convinced her that I had spent a fortune on this and that I would be there any way .

Well it worked .( now I also had the third part of the package she did not know about yet) .

After we got to the studio , they started taking loving couple portraits , I had the photographer take a couple of shots of the stocking tops why she held her skirt up above her knees , then came the dress up stuff , we were in the back room getting changed and I deliberately left the door slightly open , but not so Sam would be aware of , well picture this (she's had no sex for a few weeks ) she removes her short skirt and top , and is standing there in her sexy black lace panties , stockings and damn sexy little see through lace bra. I walk over to her with this high class street girl outfit and said "here try this one on" Sam took one look at it and said "I'll look like a prostitute in that and I am not wearing it so I said " that's what this session is all about , but if you like lets get some pictures of you dressed the way you are" , and proceeded to touch her tight little ass through the knickers , she grabs my hand and says "not here ,anyway you've had your chance the other night and fell asleep" , now as I glance at the door , I can see the photographer peeking through the slightly open door , so I start stroking the gusset of her panties and she is getting wet (still half pushing me away) then as I rub her clit through her panties I swiftly pull them down to her stocking tops ( what a sight boy's ; panties half mast , stockings , little sexy looking bra , nice landing strip , with a totally soaking wet cunt). it was at that moment I stuck two fingers in her pussy rubbed a few times , then pulled them out and rubbed my fingers over her top lip , said "fuck you smell horny" then stopped and said we best be getting on with this ( she did not want to be fucked in this strange place , but certainly needed to get fucked, if you get my drift .)

We had a few naughty shots as well as the normal shots and I talked her into letting the guy get a few up-skirt's (I hope he had taken some through the doorway of Sam getting fingered , I will never know).

Well we rushed off home , (Sam's thinking at last I'm going to fuck her , not yet sweetheart).

Its at this point I let her know about part three of the present , the relaxing pamper massage , in the home for privacy , she carries on again , and I mentioned the cost , and don't spoil a lovely evening .

So Adam the masseur arrives on time ,(as arranged by me , and I also knew what the outcome might be ,with my permission to please her , even if she seems to be hesitant ).

I suggest we all go into our main bedroom , where we have controlled lighting , as ladies in there late Forties don't like strangers to see them in bright lights ETC.

Adam starts off all normal , Sam is still in the Black sexy (totally soaked panties ) and has her bra undone and is laying face down , stockings are on the bed beside her .

As Adam starts to do her legs , I say " I will get us a couple of drinks " whilst I am gone Adam is working her thighs (I am spying through the doorway ) I slip back in and Sam grabs her drink and basically gulps it down (probably for courage) , Adam is now rubbing her delicious bum through the panties and pushing them into her crutch so as he can get to the bum-cheeks Sam starts to get a bit unsettled , my phone then rings in the lounge room (pre-organised) I then announce "I'll get the phone" .

As I watch again through the doorway Adam says to Sam excuse me madam is it all right to remove your underwear or would you rather that I just lower them a bit , of course she takes the more modest option (just what we had arranged , Adam and me) .

so here she is again knickers half mast , totally wet cunt , and as horny as hell .

Adam is now kneading her bum cheeks , pushing them to opposite sides , this of course shows off her very cute little butt-hole , along with a very ,very wet and swollen cunt.

Sam's starting to like it , as she is squirming around on the bed , I walk back in with another drink for them , but Adam says no thanks I'm driving mate , as it was the same type of drink , I said 'no worries Sam can drink it when she finishes hers ".

I then announced that I was going to the study to check on my emails , Sam say's" can't you do that in the morning" , when I say "no I'll do them now why Adam is finishing your massage" , Adam say's " won't be long now Mr Smith , Ive just got the back to do then the front ,and I'm done" .

So as I walk off , I can smell that most erotic and powerful aroma of a very horny , wet cunt and take a massive audible whiff of her cunt .Wow!

I slip out the door and take up my spying position and watch.....

Adam now starts to make his move , Sam's half pissed and horny , next he asks her to turn over and lay on her back , which she just does no arguments ,

after a bit of rubbing here and there , Adam Say's we need to loose the bra Mrs Smith , "oh okay , but call me Sam please " Adam proceeds to rub both breast's at the same time occasionally flicking her hard nipples .

after a few minutes Adam goes down to her thighs and comments on her half mast sexy knickers , Sam says "my husband made me wear them for our glamour photo shoot "

Adam say's" what a great choice , now we need to take them off other wise there going to get oil on them ", and without awaiting an answer just slips them off .

He puts them next to the bra and stockings on the bed and they have been rolled down and a very wet and smelly gusset is laying there as a visual reminder of how horny she is .

After the leg rubs he moves upward and starts to brush over her mound , gently rubbing her clit , then all of a sudden he gently opens her legs and slips his index finger in my wife , she just looses all her composure right at this point and starts thrusting to his hand , by which he slips a second finger in her .

Adam then says ,"are you okay with this part of the massage , and what if your husband comes back" , Sam says" don't worry when he goes on the computer he's there for hours ,I really don't know what he does when he's in there? "

Good then I will progress ( I am at the door spying with my pants around my ankles wanking like a crazy man).

Adam the drops his casual masseuse type trousers to the ground and he's rock hard cock is looking like Big Ben without the clock , he slides on to the bed and starts rubbing it along her swollen pussy lips in her juices and just leans over and says " your about to get the fucking of your life Mrs Smith , oh I mean Sam".

My wife wrapped her legs around his torso , and says back to him , " We have not made love for so long , please be gentle with me "

"Sorry love no can do , I'm going Fuck you not make love to you ", it was at that point I heard her have a massive orgasm , and it was also when I blew my load all over the wall .

When they were done , she quickly put her undies back on to make out that it was all above board , Adam packed up , ready to leave and gave me a wink whilst sniffing his fingers, as I paid him .

Well folks this has been an epic story , so I wont tell you what happened in bed that night and the next morning , well save that for another time if you want to hear about it, let me know .