14 Jan 2016

Work from home...

I mentioned to my wife I would be working from home today. I was turned on, thinking about having some mid day sex with her, since we didn’t have a lot of time on the past weekend.

Instead, She said that she already had a little date outing herself. Now she doesn’t always mention to me, her mid-day romps, when I’m at work – it’s such a dirty, but very hot, little game we play. I think this is the first time I’ve “found” her planning something, that I didn’t already know about.

It’s not so much that she does not tell, me in the longer term, but she will keep it to herself until she happens to whisper about it, hotly into my ear, while I fuck her myself, Maybe I will find her extremely sticky or I may happen to ask her what did she get up to today? I know that there have been a couple of hot interludes she hasn’t told me about, but that’s kind of part of the mystery that makes this so hot and erotic. In the meantime, it’s making our sex life super molten, fucking hot. Fucking her in this horny context, looking into each other's eyes as the erotic events are described, pounding into each other – can be just so fucking dirty, hotter than any "fantasy fuelled" sex.

She’s now leaving for the day and won’t be home before her date. She’s seeing a guy I’ve never met and who thinks she’s cheating on me. He doesn’t know that I’m sexily in on it. If you’ve followed us, you know we’ve done this sort of thing before. My wife and I love this sex scenario as a wonton change of pace to our standard date nights. She gets to act out the part of a sex-starved housewife, who has a raging sexual appetite that just cannot be sated by one man. I, of course, provide enthusiastic approval and loving support of her sexy antics, the lover is not aware that I know!.

She will meet him for a few hours this afternoon. My wife will be so horny and welcome him lifting her short skirt, sliding his hand inside the front of her sweet panties, to find her waxed, prepared pussy, so nice and wet for his roaming finger's. Then with her pussy aching, his cock raging, they will continue on for a solid cunt reaming fucking, semen pumping romp. He will finally press her down hard onto the bed himself, his cock, driving deep and I know he will shoot jet after jet of hot horny pulsing cum, thick and creamy, inside my wife’s pussy. Her body will be filled, well used, sweating and her womanly sexual urges satiated, he will then pat her on the arse and send her home to me.

Once she is home we will go through our after work routine without so much as acknowledging her sexual foray, besides maybe a pretty hot and passionate kiss as she walks in the door. We probably won’t talk about the interlude until later this week or even this weekend. That sort of unspoken, unknown, makes me crazy hot. It’s not for everyone, obviously, but it turns me on.

This will be my last update for this evening. My wife is currently on her way home from a date. I’m going to enjoy some delicious puffy cunt, sloppy seconds, gosh, I love my wife.

Please share, I would love to know all your thoughts on these sexual adventures, both you men and women, does this turn you on? Are you a wife with urges or a man with desires like mine, please share with me, your sexy thoughts in the comments section.