Written by tyga

4 Mar 2012

I was heading to meet someone. I was wearing a low cut shoe string strap short dress, where my milky white breasts were only just contained. While driving along I noticed that the truckies were having a glorious time perving at my breasts, so for a bit of fun I pulled my dress up more; to reveal my thighs and the lace from my stay up stockings.

I was having fun and didn’t notice the unmarked police car behind me, but I soon did when the lights started. I looked at my speedo, was doing 10ks over. Dam it! There was nowhere to pull over so I turned down a secluded side street and pulled over. Already feeling horny from the thought of the meet and my infactuation with men in uniform I couldn’t help but perv on the 2 police officers as they sat in their car. I could tell they filled out their uniforms nicely, with their well defined shoulders, one of the officers slightly broader than the other. The driver stepped out, I almost started to drool…. He was tall, broad, dk hair, olive skin, maybe Italian background.

He stood at the open widow of my car, he was good looking. Without even looking at me he started to rave on about how much I was speeding, I knew I was, but all I could hear him say was blah blah blah as I was too busy eyeing him off. Suddenly he was quiet, I took my eyes off his crotch and looked up. His eyes were planted on my cleavage, I could tell he liked what he saw. He leant down so he could check out the rest of me; he started to smile as he spotted the black lace from me stay up stockings. He said he needed to talk to his partner & asked me to get out of the car.

I stood on the footpath. There was a quick discussion between them & the other officer got out of the car. He was tall, dk hair and fair skin, he had well defined shoulders too and just as good looking. I watched these 2 impressive officers talk amongst themselves while they eyed me up & down. I thought I was going to melt there & then as the 2 fantasies I yearned for ran thru my head. I had one officer standing on each side of me, the air was full of sexual tension. One of the officers said there was a way they would overlook the speeding fine. How was that, I asked. Without a word one gently ran the tips of his fingers over my arse cheek. He whispered, no panties. I felt the palm of his hand rub my arse, he stepped closer I could feel his body against my back, his hardening cock pushing up against my arse as his hands slipped around me to start playing with my pussy.

He spread my pussy lips with one hand and started to slide his finger up and down my clit. In the meantime the other officer had slipped my breasts out of my dress had them squeezed together while he buried his face in my cleavage, he was softly pinching my nipples. They guided me to the patch of grass that was nearby and lay me down on my back. One buried his face in my pussy, spreading my pussy lips apart as his tongue caressed my clit and hole, dam ur so wet and taste so sweet he said just before plunging his tongue into my hole. I had undone the other officers pants and was stroking his cock while he was sucking my nipples. He knelt by my head I could see the precum on his nob. I licked it off, I held his cock while the tip of my tongue circled his nob, I licked his cock all over he pushed his cock into my mouth. I started to suck him slowly. I moaned on his cock as I felt the other officers fingers slide into my pussy. The faster he finger fucked me the faster I sucked the cock. Before I knew it the fingers were swapped for his hard cock. He fucked me hard as the other officer fucked my mouth. I was so horny over what was happening I cum in no time, the officer pulled out and blew his load over my stomach, the other fucked my mouth faster and blew down my throat. I sucked him til he was dry.

I got on all fours, the officers swapped ends. I felt a hard cock slide in & out of my very wet pussy. I started to suck the other hard cock that was in front of me. Every thrust of cock into my pussy pushed my mouth down onto the cock I was sucking. I wanted to cum again., I reached thru my legs and started to rub my clit… It didn’t take long before I cum again, I could feel a throbbing cock deep inside me, he fucked me hard and fast, he pulled out, blew over my arse and back. I kept sucking the other cock, I felt the nob swell in my mouth, feel it throb on my tongue, he grasped my hair as he was about to blow, I squeezed his balls which made him blow into my mouth.

we sat there for a few mins, straightened ourselves up, then headed back to the cars. One of the officers thanked me and said they had made a mistake with the speed I was doing. with a smile I thanked them both for helping me with 2 fantasies at once…..