Her First Time with Another Girl Leads to More Fiction

My girl's first girl on girl experience leads to a fantastic threesome…

My Brazilian girlfriend always got off on lesbian porn and I always knew she wanted to experience another girl but that the opportunity hadn't arisen largely as she wanted a girl to show some interest in her. The thought always turned me on and I always intended to take her to a swingers club and fulfil her fantasy.

We were at a party one night with a big crowd and many we didn't know, the talent was good and Elle was having a great after a f… Read more

Computerman Part 3 Aisha Fiction

Aisha's computer needed some attention and so did she.…

It was a nice sunny day, not too warm but comfortable. I had been working all morning on a computer that just wasn’t doing what it should when I received a phone call from a lady. Her computer was playing up and could I look at it. I told her sure and took her address down, not too far from me. I told her I would be over in an hour.

When I arrived at her house I was surprised, it was very large with well laid out lawns with shrubs and trees.… Read more

weekend of pleasure Fiction

fun and games…

Laying satisfied on the bed i can't but stare at your body, naked next to mine. The curves in the light begin to arouse my desires, my hand runs up your side and cups your breast as i lean over and kiss your shoulder, i reach out to touch your face and you turn toward me.....i kiss you passionately, tasting and feeling those inviting lips.

I whisper in your ear "touch yourself"

You do without hesitation, i lay closer on my side as you stret… Read more

Wild night Fiction

Wild night of Sex with Strangers…

We had a routine when attending hotel takeover parties just like most couples in the lifestyle. Checking in, cleaning up, eating dinner and having some pre-drinks in the room while getting ready. This night my husband was in a particularly dirty mood and set the stage for one of the most exciting and satisfying nights I can remember. We had always toyed with the ideas of role play and tying each other up, spankings and blindfolding and wanted to… Read more

Business trip cuckold Fiction

She does a young guy…

My name is Sara and I am a horny 40 year old at the peak of my sexual energy. My Husband Colin is 55 out of shape and over worked. I however love him with all my heart but a lack of interest in sex led to an adventure that has in fact revitalised our relationship and sexual life. After another night of frustration i fronted Colin regarding my needs. We had a long discussion which among other things, reaffirmed our love for each other and confirme… Read more

"Zoumi Tis" - The Conclusion... Fiction

My sexual ordeal was not over yet, not by a very long shot.…

After the Chief had eventually finished with me, finished pumping his never ending gallons of seed into me, he left. Then after I was able to pick myself up, Adah softly helped me up and we quietly walked me back to my hut, Adah was so sweet.
Ric was not inside when we got there. I thought that he might have awakened from his drunken state and gone for a walk to clear his head. Adah led me to the small bed, settled me in, gave me a soft kiss … Read more

Zoumi Tis" – Part Two... Fiction

Zoumi Tis" – Part Two Under the willing aphrodisiac effects of the "Zoumi Tis", I had sex with the village Chief…

"Zoumi Tis" – Part Two
Under the willing aphrodisiac effects of the "Zoumi Tis", I had sex with the village Chief.
Walking back to the village, shivers of my desire passed through me as I thought back to my bathing encounter with Amare. The salty aftertaste of Amare’s semen lingered strongly in my mouth and throat. I had never cheated on my husband before, and yet, beyond the guilt, I regretted that Amare didn’t fuck me. How bad and ran… Read more

Computerman Part 2 Sue Fiction

Sue was shy and her computer wasn't being her friend, so I became her friend…

Sue rang me because her computer was crashing.
“After I use it for a while, a blue screen appears and I have to shut it down,” she said.
“Do you remember what the blue screen said?” I inquired.
“Oh, yes. I wrote it down. Fatal Exception OE.”
“Ok, I get it. Can you bring it here? I’ll need to check it. It could be a faulty memory chip or something.”
“Ok, give me your address and I’ll deliver it straight away.”
A knock… Read more

"Zoumi Tis" – Part One of Three. Fiction

Heavy rains forces a couple and their tour guide to shelter in a remote jungle village.…

Just a fun story I have been working on. Hope you enjoy...

“This is not a good idea,” I complained to my husband Ric for the 5th time in as many minutes.
“For the last time, Shona, I think our guide knows where he’s going,” Ric said again.
The jungle was alive with pesky bugs, big ones that bite skin until you brush them away. There were spiders and all sorts of creepy insects crawling around. Our safari trip had been planned t… Read more

Computerman Part 1 Sheri Fiction

Sheri needs help with her computer and I give it to her…

Sheri lived about five minutes from me. I’d seen her at the drop off and picked up of someone every day, but we hadn’t had a chance to talk, only nod.
After Sheri’s arrived to pick up someone, we sat down and chatted while having a coffee.
“What do you do for a living?” she asked.
“I fix and sell computers.”
“You should come over and have a look at mine. Since my husband left, it’s been playing up.”
I gave her my card… Read more

Solo Pool Fiction

While I was waiting...…

I text you to visit. It has been way too long since we have seen each other. My visits always seem welcomed and enjoyed.
Your text back tells me you are out until 10pm but happy to catch up late.
So I arrive at your place at 9.50 to wait for you. I sit out the front but I am too excited to see you again. My hands start to wander my body. I rub my neck a little, then move down to my breasts.
I am longing to smell you and feel your hands on my b… Read more

My Wildest Fantasy -Part 2 Fiction

The continuation of my fantasy…

My Wildest Fantasy – Part 2

Welcome back and I hope you enjoy reading all about my wildest fantasy dream.

So we left off with Dee on her back, her pussy dripping wet after I had been down there working my magic, panting deeply, trying to catch her breath. Everyone around us, clapping and offering encouraging words towards us both. I pull out the Rabbit Vibrator she had just purchased and say “I think it is time for this”. Dee is em… Read more

My wildest fantasy Fiction

This is my wildest fantasy - has not happened, yet.…

My wildest fantasy - part 1.

This is not a true story, but is one that I have fantasised about a bit in my dreams over the years. Each time, the fantasy seems more and more realistic and the more I think about it after, the more I want it to happen.

So the fantasy starts that I am out with friends in a city. It is obviously a weekend because there are people everywhere, but, it is not the city I live in. There are 10 of us and we are wal… Read more

Our weekend getaway Fiction

Our dream cum true…

Miss and i snuck away to our favourite getaway spot just an hour up the coast. As we sat this afternoon drinking and laughing the afternoon was getting away fast, we decided to wonder up to the local for a few schooners and dinner.
Sitting in a corner we continued to chat play some Keno while deciding what to have for dinner, I noticed Miss seemed a little distracted by two younger looking fellows sitting a few tables away. The odd eye contact s… Read more

Social isolation Fiction

“A tale of four”…

Social isolation

The states had plunged into total lockdown, leaving everyone stuck isolated and with little to do. Many found odd jobs to do while they waited, painting, home renovations, gardening etc. but a few people had some more exciting things planned.

Paul, had been stuck in his house for a few days now, doing the usual shopping etc, then returning home with little to occupy his wandering mind. He turned to the internet for enter… Read more

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Through the strangers door Fiction

“A night of pleasure”…

The evening began with a conversation over the internet and a hotel room being booked, before long Hannah was at the hotel room getting ready for the night to come. She decided to get up... Unlock the door and begun tying her own hands to the bed end.
She knew everything was set the door was unlocked, she was positioned on the bed ready for the stranger who she just meet (micheal) to explore her body as she lay there blindfolded.As she lay ther… Read more

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Autumn nights Fiction

“The warmth of evenings”…

Quick note before the story, there is 2 stories that interlink with this one “though the strangers door” & autumn swims.
Also shout out to Hannah_Michael on SH, hot couple 🔥.

After the previous night at the hotel room, Hannah had been messaging micheal telling him how much she enjoyed last night and that she wanted to meet up with him again. They set a date to meet at a local pub. It was a lovely autumn evening the sun had just disa… Read more

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Autumn swim Fiction

“Last days of warmth”…

It’s was a warm autumn day, one of the few before descending into the grips of winter. Kate a slim gorgeous women, was out on one her hiking into nature. She had planned out the day to spend lunch next to were the track met the river. She left early it was still quite cool so she’d only packed the lunch & water for the day. She had arrived at the river around noon and the sun was now up high in sky, it had turned out to be a hot day. Kate sat… Read more

Late night shopping (P2) Fiction

“Night shopping is a mysterious place”…

Chapter 2,

Harry and Sarah had just gone into the main part of the store to go find some wipes to clean up. Stark naked since there was no one else around since the shop was closed. He headed straight for the toiletries isle, while she went for a snack & bottle of water. She walked so confidently up the isles with her Large breasts, hour glass body & an amazingly firm arse. Those workouts must really be something as Harry caught up the her in… Read more

Late night shopping. Fiction

“A night full of devious adventures” part 1/3…

Thought we’ll begin with it’s a late in the evening Sarah a gorgeous blonde had been hitting the gym, she had gone into the local shops just nearby to pick up a hot chicken and some salad for something quick for dinner, what she hadn’t planned for was the hot guy who had just walked in his tight fitting suit from his business meeting. Continuing her shopping she kept sneaking in a few glances here and there, but was aware he’d been doing … Read more

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Mantigan Nightmare...Part 3... Fiction

It all comes to a head, the beast will not relent his hunger...…

Three weeks passed, I know it’s odd for a husband to say, but that night did again provide a spark for us in the bedroom. We were so horny from that one night, we fucked almost every day when we got back home. One night, I came home from work to surprise Shona with a dinner reservation. I walked in the front door, on closing the door, all the lights in the house were off, which was odd for Shona to do.
I walked through the house and looking… Read more

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Mantigan Nightmare...Part 2... Fiction

The beast has let us be and we take some time away...…

Eventually I got out of bed to find out more about this "Mantigan" monster.
I went to my PC. Researching, this creature seems to be known in European legends, more stories only to be exact. It’s seen as a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil smile and red eyes. That seems to be what I saw and already understood. The beast is also purported to be a shapeshifter, it apparently can be anybody or anything.

Sexually speaking,… Read more

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Bloody hell! Fiction

Its a gag…

Michael had been awake for a while but he was in too much pain to move and he was convinced that if he opened his eyes he may just bleed to death. He had obviously been drinking and drinking heavily but he could not for the life of him remember with whom or why. His soggy mash of a brain kept flashing snippets at him of a great deal of celebrating with lots of people he didn’t know.

Michael had had a few things happen to him recently tha… Read more

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Mantigan Nightmare... Fiction

A little bit of fantasy writing, Part one of three.…

Nightscare, a fantasy, a dream...

Awoken well before dawn, I felt our bed roughly thrusting. With bleary eyes, I look over to my wife and get the shock of my life.
I am stunned, before my very eyes, a huge beast, a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil snarl had my wife on her knees and it was brutally screwing my upturned wife's pussy. The beastly thing seemed so imposing, so tall and so goddamned muscular. The creature was… Read more

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The Carpenter Fiction

“He only came to fix the door”…

Gary & Anna:
It was a sunny autumn weekend, the weather was starting to cool down from summer. The bedroom door began to jamb as a result of extra moisture in the air. We had arranged for a Carpenter to come around on the weekend.

I arrived at the house and was greeted by Gary, he took me upstairs, showed me to the room with the door that was binding. Gary mention he was in a rush to pick up something from the post office before t… Read more

After Hours Fiction

What happens after work.....…

Everyone else has gone for the day, but this report needs to be completed. The place is in darkness apart from your desk lamp, silence your companion. Focusing on the report, you don’t hear a car pull up, the door closing or the footsteps approaching. It is only when you hear the door knob turn that you look up from your work.
I enter the warmth of your office, you can see I am wrapped in my long winter coat, a scarf hides my throat, a smile… Read more

Naughty bday surprise Fiction

Video booth…

On your b day I organise a day of fun for us.
Started with the wake park, but it was nice to get u in your bikini?. Next stop was some shopping I bought u a nice short silky nighty,
And some nice underwear.
But the real fun started in the afternoon wen I stopped by the adult store. Still in your tight shirts and bikini top. Looking dam fine.

Entering the store we both seen the video booth sign. As we walked thru the door. Looking around… Read more

Holiday magic Fiction

Sex in the gazebo…

I was lying by the pool totally oblivious to what was happening around me, just enjoying the warm morning sunshine on my trip away.
The resort day bed was so comfortable I was drifting in and out of sleep. Right now my decision to take the bonus holiday package, which gave me a private gazebo was the best decision I ever made.....
The waiter asked if I would like another green tea, I thought for a moment and decided, as I was on holidays, a vod… Read more

Fantasy Fiction


It's a fantasy of mine to watch my wife be fucked by another man. My fantasy starts when go camping at our favorite spot on the river. We set up our van near the water and it's so hot that we go skinny dipping as soon as it's done. Once in the water I start to get frisky with the wife ,splashing water over her head so she can't see my buddy paddling down stream. He pulls his canoe in about 30m away from where we are swimming and walks down … Read more

Hot sis-in-law Fiction

Who's first to the shower…

"Don't even think about it Loser!" laughed my sis-in-law as I was about to walk into the bathroom for my morning shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her nightie that hardly covered her ass.

Ellen's sister, Karen, was hot. I know its probably wrong for a man to think like that about his sister-in-law but it was just fact. Ellen's parents had Karen later in life, so she was only half her age. She always used t… Read more

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