Help me Doctor Fiction

When a patient has a need…

It has been a long day at the conference but I have learnt so many new techniques that will help my patients when I get back home. To relax a little I set myself up in a bar near my hotel and nurse a drink or two.
I notice over in the corner a lady who looks about 35 years of age wearing some tight fitting clothing. Her shirt is stretched across a very plentiful chest and the skirt looks like it is leather. I notice her long boots fit her legs … Read more

A short story at the servo Fiction

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I pull up for fuel. It is getting dark. Fuck. No swagging tonight. Fill the tank and go in to pay. Behind the counter is that usual girl. I pay and so on... no receipt thanks. She gives me the look. She is about 40; a tad over weight, hair not well kept. Basically very plain. I look at her hands. No ring. No ring mark. She notices me looking. "I'm single" She says. Wow. Not very often I get a chat up like that. "So?". I reply. " Well?" She respon… Read more

Making it out with my superior Fiction

Dreaming of sex with boss…

One summer evening, I was chilling out with a few cold beers in my house. After I had sent in the calories and had dinner, I was feeling great! I soon lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. Instantly my mind wandered to my work and there she was, my sexy boss appearing in front of me...……………

"I'm coming," Katie screamed as she felt my tongue and lips caress and manipulate her clit, her wrinkly wizened hands were holding my head in be… Read more

A sexy afternoon Fiction

Your part of the story…

I do a love cock pic as we chat on messenger.
You ask me to do a video of me stroking my shaft.
I start by thinking of the best sensation I get when fucking Adriana's arse and you pulling my soaked cock from her dripping cunt.
Licking and sucking it. mmmmmmmmm

I look down at you, your eyes wide and staring back at me in total submission. You let it slide all the way down your throat, your eyes begin to water as you start gagging. Reg… Read more

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How to start a long weekend Fiction

Travel fun…

The start of a long weekend....the car is packed and the journey begins.....
The distance isn’t far, a bed and breakfast on the coast awaits...secluded, luxurious...As we travel, my hand rests lightly on your thigh, occasionally moving, seeking your cock, fingers tracing his length, feeling him harden beneath my fingers. Unzipping you, I ask you to help me release him, my fingers immediately seeking out the pre-cum to lubricate my fingers as t… Read more

The Picnic Fiction

A perfect picnic…

The Picnic

He took the picnic rug from the boot, she grabbed the basket from the back seat.

They wandered along the path until they found a secluded spot on the bank of the river under an old tree. He spread out the blanket and they both sat down. He lay back watching her, liking the way her breast moved underneath her shirt, her nipples vaguely visible through the cloth. Her skirt had ridden up and he could see up her skirt, catc… Read more

On a dark road one night Fiction

A swinging story…

MmIt’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself… Read more

The Carpenter Fiction

“He only came to fix the door”…

Gary & Anna:
It was a sunny autumn weekend, the weather was starting to cool down from summer. The bedroom door began to jamb as a result of extra moisture in the air. We had arranged for a Carpenter to come around on the weekend.

I arrived at the house and was greeted by Gary, he took me upstairs, showed me to the room with the door that was binding. Gary mention he was in a rush to pick up something from the post office before t… Read more

Sharing her Fiction

A fantasy of sharing…

We are your average couple who have decided to spice up our sexlife. Well not your average couple for we are playmates ourselves, as she is married and not to me. She has a sexless marriage and we met at a cafe of all places neither looking to spark anything but after talking for a while she came back to my place and we had what could only be described as a much needed fuck. It was not making love, it was strip each other and suck and fuck for a … Read more

The First Time Fiction

After so long chatting online...…

Against all odds work has summoned me to your town. We have chatted, flirted, sexted, cammed and swapped pics for ages but we have never met. We never expected to meet. The distance between seemed insurmountable. But, weirdly, my work is sending me to your area for three days. I will have a single evening to myself. I let you know but you are not sure you can get out of prior commitments in time to come and see me. I hope for the best.

Work pu… Read more

Sexual Healing Fiction

A weird stay in hospital…


I don't know where I am.

I feel strange. I am lying down. I know that much. I am washed by a wave of warmth that floods from my feet, up my legs, rushes into my groin and swirls just below my stomach. It is an intensely sexual feeling. Overwhelming. I feel an orgasm hit me faster than I've ever been taken before. I lose my breath for I don't know how long. And before I catch another breath, another wave hits me again. As if I am … Read more

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Dreaming Fiction

What happens when you sleep.....…

Waking up, I stretch, feeling the slight tenderness of my ass and sex, testament to the previous nights events. Opening my eyes, my lover lay resplendent in his naked glory before me. His legs a skewed, his dormant cock, the bringer of my pleasure,resting on his thigh. A smile passes over my lips as I recall last nights events, images of our bodies joined, taking each other into ecstasy.
I reach out my hand, touching his cock, he stirs in his s… Read more

After Hours Fiction

What happens after work.....…

Everyone else has gone for the day, but this report needs to be completed. The place is in darkness apart from your desk lamp, silence your companion. Focusing on the report, you don’t hear a car pull up, the door closing or the footsteps approaching. It is only when you hear the door knob turn that you look up from your work.
I enter the warmth of your office, you can see I am wrapped in my long winter coat, a scarf hides my throat, a smile… Read more

Naughty bday surprise Fiction

Video booth…

On your b day I organise a day of fun for us.
Started with the wake park, but it was nice to get u in your bikini😋. Next stop was some shopping I bought u a nice short silky nighty,
And some nice underwear.
But the real fun started in the afternoon wen I stopped by the adult store. Still in your tight shirts and bikini top. Looking dam fine.

Entering the store we both seen the video booth sign. As we walked thru the door. Looking aro… Read more

Holiday magic Fiction

Sex in the gazebo…

I was lying by the pool totally oblivious to what was happening around me, just enjoying the warm morning sunshine on my trip away.
The resort day bed was so comfortable I was drifting in and out of sleep. Right now my decision to take the bonus holiday package, which gave me a private gazebo was the best decision I ever made.....
The waiter asked if I would like another green tea, I thought for a moment and decided, as I was on holidays, a vod… Read more

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Fantasy Fiction


It's a fantasy of mine to watch my wife be fucked by another man. My fantasy starts when go camping at our favorite spot on the river. We set up our van near the water and it's so hot that we go skinny dipping as soon as it's done. Once in the water I start to get frisky with the wife ,splashing water over her head so she can't see my buddy paddling down stream. He pulls his canoe in about 30m away from where we are swimming and walks down … Read more

Hot sis-in-law Fiction

Who's first to the shower…

"Don't even think about it Loser!" laughed my sis-in-law as I was about to walk into the bathroom for my morning shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her nightie that hardly covered her ass.

Ellen's sister, Karen, was hot. I know its probably wrong for a man to think like that about his sister-in-law but it was just fact. Ellen's parents had Karen later in life, so she was only half her age. She always used t… Read more

The Game we Play Pt 1 Fiction

A usual day as his belonging.…

I know not to fight it. My wrists are bound either side of me there's a little movement. My legs are spread also, bound tighter then my wrists. I don't know how long it's been since he left for work, feels like hours yet I know it isn't. He always leaves a DVD playing. Guys fucking girls, girls fucking girls, cock sucking, over and over it will play and it's only on its second time. I could easily sleep to pass time till he returns but I fight th… Read more

Forrest Fantasy Fiction

A sexy outdoor forest fantasy chat…

Forrest Fantasy

I have this fantasy of going camping alone.

Okay lets have a go at it.

While setting up my tent in the open, there is wild river not far away, there is a man also setting up on the other side of the trees. I meet him when I went collecting wood. We chat then I go back and start the camping ordeal. It's mid-summer so I leave the tent zipped door open a bit while I go to sleep naked. In the morning my camping  neigh… Read more

Will we meet? Fiction

We have been chatting online for a while now and it's always exciting when there is someone on cam that we are both watching. The chat certainly heats when we both like what we are seeing and can imagine the 3 of us together. I can almost smell you, taste you as we chat. I have your sexy pics on screen so I can see you as well. I love hearing how you like to be pleased and some things that u haven't tried but would like me to do to you......heari… Read more

Water Sports Fiction

As she stood by the water she felt his hands wrap around her waist. Her body stiffened not knowing who it was.
He whispered into her ear "Your safe, I know you, you know me, enjoy this moment" His voice was soothing and so manly. His breath against her neck was warm and sent shivers down her arm. She began to relax and enjoy the moment, as she had been asked to do.
He kissed the back of her neck feeling her melt towards him. He began to cares… Read more

Small town hotel (part 3 ) Fiction

I was up early the next morning. Had a good 6 hours sleep after my two sex mates left, I showered and crashed out. It was about 6.30 am, my bags were packed and in the car, I had my comfy travel shorts and t-shirt on and ready to walk out the door.
I heard the shuffling outside the door and opened it before anyone knocked. There was George with a tray with about 6 boiled eggs, toast and a large pot of coffee. “Heh George, I was just leaving, t… Read more

Feeling the cum from her husband Fiction

So what do you fantasize about if you are horny, my friend's wife came straight out and asked me much to my surprise, so I looked at her and said I'm not sure if you're hubby would appreciate it if l was talking about this type of thing with you. She quickly answered telling me that there sex life was boring and stale and all that her husband has to say is that she needs to spice things up and start with getting him excited about her again, and t… Read more

Small town hotel (part 2) Fiction

I’ve wandered up to the bar from my room after Sue (I was at least polite enough to ask her name) receptionist left amazed at what had just happened, how good it was. This kinda stuff never happened to me. But what now? How long should I be up here. I had been ready and raring to go at her until she sent me off to dinner.
The Bar was nice, clean and the food smells coming from the kitchen had my stomach sending out ‘hurray up’ signals. At … Read more

Small town hotel (part 1) Fiction

The conference in Las Vegas had been great. Interesting new equipment on show, some new contacts made, some old re-enforced and hopefully good business in the year ahead. I had adjusted my schedule this year so that I was actually headed towards home at 4.00pm on the final day instead of winding down in my hotel on the last night and heading out really early in the morning for the long drive home.
So 4 hours out of Vegas and towards home I’m l… Read more

Second Phase Fiction

My phone buzzes and I check it straight away. A short text ‘225’. Straight away I am up from chair in the large reception area. Past the desk – wondering do they recognize me from the last time I was here.
The lift is quick and the 225 is not far down the hall. I knock – looking each way along the hall. I’m surprised how I continue to be so nervous each time we do this. It’s almost a year, meeting once a month at this hotel for amaz… Read more

Wife surprises me; with threesome fuck Fiction

Wife introduces husband to his first threesome…

The woman in front of me is not my wife. She is slender, young, well endowed and naked. I am on my back, and she is squatting over me, lowering herself on my erect cock. As an image, this would be surreal: the thing of fantasy. But, this was actually happening to me. And what makes it even better, my wife is in the hotel room with me. She actually arranged this.

This naked, young lady has now lowered herself on to me. It feels incredible. She… Read more

My first threesome; lesbian, big cock and squirt Fiction

Stepping out of my marriage for the 1st time…

First let me establish some facts: my husband and I have discussed the lifestyle, and it is something that intrigues us both, but we have not taken the next step. He works away from home and he is comfortable for me to play; if it is something that I want to do (and I tell him about it). This story is a true recent episode about my first steps in pursuing my sexual desire.

I was to meet a girlfriend in the city. We had booked at a fancy restau… Read more

A playful encounter (with a playmate) Fiction

We meet in a bar... drinks at the table are going well so we decide to take it to our room.. I'm nervous so I grab your leg under the table but you push my hand toward your cock and my nerves turn to excitement....

We lead the way chatting away like we are all old friends but as soon as we enter the room the other woman grabs my face and kisses me deeply..

Her kiss is intoxicating and I find myself instantly wet..

She kisses my neck..… Read more

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In the Shower Fiction

I want you to kiss me all over, starting with my lips, then moving down my neck collarbone and down my back.
You pick me up and carry me into the bathroom where you slowly take my lingerie off, still kissing my neck, ears and back.
As the water runs over my naked body you massage me with soap. I run my fingers down your stomach and down your thighs.
As I'm bending down you slap my ass making me jump. With that you grab both of my arms and for… Read more

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