Written by onyxnesta

8 Sep 2011

after about 6 months of chatting online and the occasional pic swap, the stories i had said about my fantasies over time and there’s, also always teasing each other about catching up

one day sent me an email letting me know they would be in town and would love to catch up and have a coffee

she said Dave and her self were going to be staying over night or 2 and though they would treat them selves to a bit of a holiday and were getting a nice hotel in the city and wanted to catch up with me there.

wow I did not know what to say, soo many things were rushing around in my head,

i got online and Jen was online and we started chatting as usual and she said it was up to me however they wanted to catch up even if it was just a chat. I though why not we have had a lot of fun chatting, and to show them the respect I said why not.

she said lets catch up around 11am on the Monday.

Monday arrived I was nervous as.. well almost shitting my self when I drive in to town.

organised a park next to the hotel and went in to the foyer, Jen said they would be in bar area I noticed them as soon as I walked in, I shook Dave’s hand and gave Jen a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, we went and ordered a round of coffee’s and sat down on the lounges and started chatting one of those a lot about nothing type of chats lol

after about 15 mins I asked them both if they would like another drink, so I went to the bar and got a couple of soft drinks, while i was there getting them i saw them having a bit of a chat and Jen had a nice grin on her face. we continued the the chats about nothing much and then Jen said would you like to come up to our room, no pressure just we want to relax up there a bit more as it is a bit quiter and can talk more freely. well i though why not. so we left our drinks and headed up there.

got in to there room and it was the normal style hotel room, Dave went to get Jen and I a drink, i sat on the lounge and Jen ended up joining Dave on there bed, we talked more but not for long when Jen looked at Dave and smiled, she then started rubbing his leg.. all sorts of thoughts were going though my head right then.

Jen looked over to me and said I know you are not sure what you want however Dave and I would love it if you stay here in the room while we make love, we would of course love it if you joined in however it would be nice if you just watched as this would be better than looking at any porn photos or vids and we know you love that. my hart was racing i said ok.. that is about all i could get out. Dave said to me you know you can join in, don't worry. wow i was just about busting out of my head and pants lol.

then Dave started to kiss Jen and moving his hands to take her top off.. Jen was feeling at Dave's pants they stood up to undress in front of me, they looked very hot as a couple. i did not know were to look, it was the first time I have ever close up another couple naked it was soo hot watching them, after they stood there feeling each other and every now looking over at me smiling, I let them know how hot this was. then Jen went over to her bag and got out a camera they had just brought and asked if i can take some photos of them both close up's and full shots for them to look back on, I said ok, as long as I was not in any of the shots if they used the camera.

they went back standing there feeling and caressing each other, i started taking picks of Dave's cock in Jen's belly ( she is not that tall ) and how her tits were pushed against Dave, got some nice close up;s as they moved to the bed to continued to have oral and start fucking. i was soo hard thinking how hot is this to have this couple want to fuck in front of me and would love to also have me join in.

i continued to take a few pics, but i stopped to let them have a bit of fun, and thought to my self Fuck what are you doing, this might be the only chance i have to live out a couple of my fantasies. I started to take my cloths off, Dave and Jen did not notice me doing this as they were too busy at the time, I started to take more picks when Dave looked up to see me and stopped and i saw that Jen had the biggest smile then moved over to get a better look, she said put the camera down and come and join us

i moved on to the bed and lied down there my cock was straight up just about to explode Dave got up to get drink and Jen got closer to me, she grabbed my hand and moved it on to her tits mmm it was nice, she them moved my hand down to here pussy it was soo wet and i quickly pulled on her piercings and lips, she moaned as i did that, and Dave moved over to start pinching her nipples and kissed her,

she started to feel me all over and down to my cock i though i was about to cum right then then she moved about to start sucking my cock wow i got to cup her tits in my hand and Dave was licking her our while she was bent over. i moved back as i did not want to cum soo fast, Jen said don't worry about that, it was all good, just let it go and have fun,

i said you can not let Dave not have any fun, she moved around and started to suck him again and i was rubbing her back from her neck to arse as she lied on the bed and sucked Dave's cock. she looked over at me with a do you want to try, i was not sure, she said that is ok, and just held my hand and said just play with it, it is like yours.. and moved my hand to for the first time feel another blokes cock, i started to play with his balls as Jen started sucking again.

we moved and played with everyone, i was playing with Dave and he was playing with me while Jen would move us closer to each other till our cocks were touching, i though i was going to cum Jen could see this and said just let it go, she said i want to see you spray your cum on Dave’s cock.

Jen moved around behind me so here body was against mine and i could feel her tits against me, and she moved her hand around to hold my cock as I was wanking my cock and pulling back the foreskin Dave was wanking his cock as I came and sprayed my cum over his cock and Jen had her arms around me as i was thrusting as i came, Dave was still jerking his cock with my cum over it Jen moved on to the bed on her back and told Dave to come over and fuck her now. Dave rubbed his cock on her pussy then pushed his cock in to her all way in one stroke, his cum covered cock all the way in her, she moaned as it went in

I moved around to get a better look of them fucking and loved how Jen's tits and body moved with every thrust and the sound it was making as Dave's cock moved in and out with every thrust. they move around and she got on top i moved over to cup her tits as she rode him Dave was rubbing his hands down his back, she moved my hands down to pussy and i got to feel his balls and arse as Dave trusted in side of her. i moved to lick her nipples and she moved back a bit so i could see Dave fucking her better, she held my head and moved it down slowly as I kissed her and worked my way down to her pussy, i started to lick the top of her hood over her clit, I had never had my face that close to a cock and it was something i had always wanted to do,

to lick a pussy and cock at the same time as I was licking her spread lips Dave's cock slipped out and went in my mouth,

WOW the first time i have ever had a cock in my mouth, i moved my tong around it then put it back in to her pussy, and licked his cock as he moved in and out, i could taste her wet pussy, my cum at the same time, she said to Dave, cum in me and fill me up. she said he likes to have his arse fingered at the same time , moved and got the lube and lubed up my finger and his arse as he was still fucking her, Jen was near cumming again as i went back to licking her and him however i put a couple of fingers in his arse and massaged his prostate it was not long then I could feel pulsing on his cock as he thrusted it was not long then a white stream of cum came out just as I was licking up his cock to Jen's clit, i just continued licking up taking the cum as Jen was still cumming and i did not want to stop, i moved up to give her a little kiss, she then moved off Dave with cum dripping out and laid next to him and they kissed, for a while

we just crashed out on the bed, all close skin against skin. there for a little, I checked the time and still had a hour or so

Dave had one leg wrapped around Jen's and was holding onto one of her tits, i did the same thing on the other side

After a while Jen sat up between the both of us, I could not stop looking at her, she started to play with both of our cocks getting us hard, then leaning over sucking Dave’s cock, then mine, playing with my foreskin in her mouth

after a while she got on top of me with one leg up so I could get a good look at her pussy as she slid down on my cock, however as she did cum was still dripping out and she was sooo wet as she slid all the way down, and leaned in so i could suck on her nipples

for a short while then she said I want you to fuck my in my fav pos, and got off me and bent over so i could see her wet pussy she continued to suck Dave's cock as I slid my cock in all the way, i held on to her hips and thrusted in faster, I thought i would cum any time however I slowed down and pulled out so I could get a good look of her pussy, Dave stood up on the bed so he could get a good look of my cock going in her pussy,

I rested my cock against her lips and open hole and as it was against her I pulled back the forskin and pushed it in, then pulled it out again for a moment Jen was moving her hips side to side wanting my cock in her, i did the same thing a couple of times then just thrusted deep in to her, and held it in, at the same time I though why not and started to suck on Daves cock as I in Jen as deep as I could.

Jen dropped forward and rolled over to see what Dave and I were doing as well and she fingered her self as Dave and I moved to 69, we could hear her cumming again but did not stop what we were doing.

shortly after I felt lube on my arse and a finger go in , as a tit was leaning over my back, i got up and moved off Dave and went on my back as she contunued to finger me, i was too busy looking at Jen and did not see Dave lubing his cock.

Dave stood between my legs and Jen was guiding his cock and rested it against my arse she said just relax as there was more pressure till all of a sudden my arse was stretched and had a cock's head in it, wow this was the most intense thing ever.

I did not know if I liked it or did not like it, however I though well might as well give it a go as it might not ever happen again.

he pushed in slowly till my balls were against him he held it in my like i was with his wife not long ago. she leaned over so I could lick her nice hard pink nipples and finger her pussy, Dave started to thrust a little, I was starting to like it a lot however I did not want him to cum in me and I did not know how long he would last, he fucked me for about 5 mins till I had enough and Jen said, well why don't you fuck Dave he can not have all the fun.

Dave bent over for me and Jen lubed him and me up and also guided me in to his arse, she said she loves seeing guys fuck Dave

she played with Daves cock as I slowly moved in and out for a short while. i was trying not to cum in him so I pulled out for a while so i could jerk off Dave for a little,

Jen said my turn again and got on top of me again, i loved the feeling of my cock sliding in her as she sits on me, then having her tits against my body I then felt Dave rubbing his cock against mine and pushing in to Jen, we both had out cocks in her soo wet pussy and Dave was thrusting holding on to her shoulders as I was biting her nipples so we could see if we could get to cum harder than any of the times before, it did not take long ( or for me ) she was cumming for a bit thrusting however being held down by Dave, then I could not take it any more, she said i want you both to fill me up. and I just lost it then. as I had finished cumming Dave started to cum,

Jen just rolled off me, Dave moved to give her a nice kiss and we just crashed for a while,

Jen said I had better grab a shower, while i was in the bath room they both came in to watch, Dave joined me for a moment,

as I got out Jen went in shorly after,

I had to get going, ( shame though ) and got dressed, Dave was getting dressed at the same time, I waited for Jen to also get dressed before I left. Gave Dave a good hand shake, a kiss for Jen and thanked them both soo much for letting me live out one of the fantasies that I have had for years also for a fantastic time and said I would talk soon.

not sure if we would ever fuck again after that however I know we would talk again though.

I was not able to get online for a while however when I did get a chance to there were a few email's from Jen, they were the photos I took of them, she said these are so you don't forget us. something I did not do as we still chatted like we did online when we could, teasing each other as usual, however both of us not knowing if we would ever get the chance to have another coffee or to hook up.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did letting you know my fantasy's and what has been going my my head recently