Written by ivan595

20 Jun 2012

A young couple is travelling home on the train. They are alone in the carriage except for an older man sitting nearby reading the paper. It's a long journey, and she seems a little agitated and uncomfortable. He's reassuring her.."Don't worry.,,.not long now..we're nearly there.." Eventually she hisses at him "but I HAVE to pee! ... I'm gonna go any minute!"

The man looks up from his paper and says "I'm sorry, I couldn't help overhearing...." She blushes and looks away, and he goes on..."but I can definitely help." She seems willing to listen, so he goes on - "You'd just need to do three things, and say one thing, and your problem will be solved."

She really wants some relief. She looks at her boyfriend, who's a litlle suspicious, of course. "What things?" he asks.

"First, " says the man, "slip off your knickers, and put them in your handbag....don't worry, I won't look" He turns away to his paper. The boyfriend says to her "Don't listen to him, he's just some kind of old pervert!", but she's desperate, and modestly slides her knickers down and puts them away. "What next?" she asks, wriggling uncomfortably.

"Now scoot forward on the seat till you're over the edge" Her boyfriend looks unhappy, but she anyway.

"Now, just relax" says the man. She says, "I can't go here, just like that - I can't just pee all over the floor!"

"Not just like that", he says, "there was one more thing..."

"You said I'd need to say something - alright then, what is it?" ...'Will you trust me?" says the man. "I can see you're really uncomfortable and I'd really like to help. Will you let me?"

"Alright!" she says, "what do i say??" He puts down his paper and slowly kneels in front of her, his face between her knees. He looks up at her, "just say.....drink" he says. The boyfriend is outraged and on his feet, but.... "no!", she says. She's desperate for relief.

She lifts her short skirt, grasps the back of his head, slides forward against his open mouth, looks down at him, and says "Alright then...drink!" He moans a little, sealing his mouth against her. A pause, then she relaxes, releasing, gushing into his mouth, emptying herself, finally easing her terrible discomfort. As his mouth fills and his throat works, as he swallows her fluids, she repeats: "drink, oh yes, drink..." until she's finished and slowly sits back, satisfied.

Only then does she feel embarrassed and a little alarmed at what has transpired, but he says nothing more, just calmly returns to his seat and the paper. She avoids looking at him, slips her knickers from her bag and slides them on. Her boyfriend sits beside her speechless. He's both shocked and excited by the progress of events.

As they stand to exit at their stop, she looks toward the man and mouths "thank you". He smiles, extending a business card, which she slips into her pocket with a returning smile. This is a journey she may take again.