Written by ElDiablo

5 Nov 2012

Monica and Pat had joined Swingers Heaven in May and planned to be there for a fun time not a long time. After lengthy discussions it was very clear in their minds the fantasies they wanted to share and with whom. From the moment their profile was listed they were inundated with offers but they could afford to be choosy! Monica had a penchant for older men and Pat wanted her to be satisfied, if in the process he also had a bit of fun then it was a win, win situation.

By the time ELDIABLO crossed their path it was early November. Monica and Pat had experienced most of their fantasies, some were revisited several times but with different partners. Monica found ELDIABLO attractive, he was in his early fifties had an athletic build and from the brief messages they had exchanged he seemed to fit the profile they were looking for and after all they did have a few more adventures to experience.

This adventure however was going to be different. Up until now everything had been on their terms, in their comfortable safe surroundings and totally under their control. This adventure would take them out of their comfort zone and they would place themselves under a stranger’s control! The very specific instructions which he gave them evoked a myriad of feelings, excitement, titillation, uneasiness, suspicion, but it was a fantasy they had to experience!

Monica was to wear a trench coat and knee high black boots with medium to high heels and nothing else, a choker collar and earrings would be acceptable. She was to have her golden locks loose and wear ruby red lipstick. She was to shave her pussie leaving but a small triangular section above her clitoris. Pat could wear whatever he liked. They were to arrive at his house at 830pm and enter through the unlocked front door. On entering they would be met by ElDIABLO who would be naked, his hard rampant cock a sign of his excitement. In silence they would be led into the lounge room, Pat was to sit in the brown chair and take no part until invited. Monica was to stand in front of both men waiting to be disrobed and inspected.

Undoing the waist belt the trench coat was eased off her shoulders falling gently to the floor revealing Monica’s fabulous body, all 5ft 4 inches. Her amazing full breasts, her large nipples, her smooth slender neck, her beautiful face framed by glorious golden locks, her large sparkling eyes and her ruby red lips. She had passed inspection! ELDIABLO ran his fingers gently over her skin, his lips millimetres from her smooth skin his nose taking in Monica’s fragrance. Her excitement was evident, her nipples were hard and full, her chest heaved with short sharp breaths and every slight touch with his tongue would produce goosebumps! Pat sat quietly watching the spectacle, his beautiful loving wife as the centre of attention and the idea of her being fucked by a stranger was very erotic!

Taking Monica by the hand ELDIABLO led her to the corner of the room where the two seater couch with ottoman would become centre stage! As he eased her down he kissed her passionately, once and once only, her lips were soft, sweet and supple. He raised her ankles onto the couch and kneeling in front of her he gently spread her legs to reveal her pussie. The pink lips of her labia beautifully shaven as instructed. From where he knelt ELDIABLO had a marvellous view of her pussie, her smooth inner thighs, her flat tummy, full pendulous breast and angelic face, although there was nothing angelic about her slight grin, a precursor to how naughty she was about to be!

Glancing over his shoulder ELDIABLO could see Pat, his stiff cock protruding from his trousers, he gently stroked the purple helmet at the end of his shaft, a hint that he was enjoying the show! ELDIABLO now concentrated on Monica, licking and gently kissing her smooth inner thighs then working slowly towards her glistening vulva, running his tongue up and down each labia then teasing her stiff erect clitoris to the sound of slight moans emitting from her throat. She was very wet now, wet with pleasure and excitement, her juices tasted like nectar as his tongue penetrated her vagina. Each thrust of his tongue was reciprocated by gentle thrusts of her hips. Monica wanted to be fucked and ELDIABLO would not disappoint. Taking his cock he gently massaged her pussie, running his engorged purple helmet up and down her pussie, stopping at her clitoris, with circular motions teasing it watching Monica throw her head back and gyrating her hips with pleasure. With his purple helmet he slowly prised her lips apart and penetrated Monica millimetre my millimetre, her wet cunt wanted his cock!

ELDIABLO invited the now naked Pat to join the party and Monica’s fucking could begin in earnest. Standing over her Pat grabbed a handful of blonde hair ramming his massive cock into his loving wife’s mouth, ELDIABLO placing his hands on her thighs thrust as hard as he could, his balls slapping up against her butt resulting in a loud guttural moan from Monica. The urgency of ELDIABLO’s thrusts increased as he watched Pat face fuck his beautiful wife. Monica was taking each powerful thrust from Pat, his massive shaft disappearing into her lovely mouth, his tempo rapidly increasing then finally his moans of climax as he ejaculated deep in her throat. Cum oozed from her mouth as Pat withdrew his cock. ELDIALO could sense his own impending orgasm, withdrawing his cock he stoked it once more spewing cum over Monica’s pussie, tummy and breasts. With a massive grin Monica arched her back as she rubbed the cum onto her skin, over her tummy, her massive firm breasts and beautiful face, she loved it !!!!.